Rickshaw Puller Essay & Paragraph

A Rickshaw Puller is a hard-working man who lives in the lowest strata of society. Rickshaw pulling is a well-known occupation in third-world countries. Thousands of people still pull rickshaws to make a living. Here is a bunch of essays and paragraphs about a Rickshaw Puller, for students and children.

A Rickshaw Puller Paragraph
A Rickshaw Puller always sweats due to hard work.

A Rickshaw Puller Essay, 400 Words

By: Haque, For class 9-10/SSC, 07-02-’22

Introduction: A rickshaw puller is a familiar figure in our country. He pulls his rickshaw and carries people and goods to other places.

Description of a Rickshaw Puller: We can usually find a rickshaw puller in bad physical condition. He is never well dressed. We will always find a rickshaw puller in torn shirt and Lungi. He usually bears a Gamcha (local towel) with him to wipe his sweat as well as to wipe the seats of his rickshaw.

Life and Work of a Rickshaw Puller: The work of a rickshaw puller is not easy. It is a difficult job to pull a rickshaw and a rickshaw puller has to do his job from daybreak to midnight. With so much toil what he earns is really scanty. He cannot live with his family well with his earnings. He lives from hand to mouth. A rickshaw puller lives in a slum with his family. The family of a rickshaw puller also lives in abject poverty. His wife wears shabby clothes and his children remain half-naked. He cannot provide enough food for his family. His children cannot get a good education. His family does not get the necessary medical care. In the rainy season, flood water enters his house, and the roof of his house leaks.

Where Found: We can find a rickshaw almost everywhere in the country. Usually, rickshaw pullers are seen at busy places such as the main junction of the roads, in front of the offices, colleges, schools, railway stations, launch and steamer terminals, and bus stands.

Nature of the Rickshaw Puller: In spite of stark poverty, most of the rickshaw pullers are honest. But there are also some dishonest and extremely clever rickshaw pullers who overcharge the passengers.

Conclusion: A rickshaw puller leads a very tough life. In spite of his hard labor, he cannot earn enough. So, he is always hungry, insecure, and in financial need. If he falls into an accident he cannot bear the expenses of his medical treatment. Then he cannot earn by pulling his rickshaw and his family has to starve. In such conditions, he has to borrow money from the usurers and become easy prey. Then his life becomes even more miserable. There is no social safety net for him. Hence, it is necessary to provide assistance and security for the rickshaw pullers from the government and society.

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A Paragraph on A Rickshaw Puller

In 190 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph about the life of a rickshaw puller. Mention his daily activities, his pleasures and pains.

A rickshaw puller is a familiar figure in a town or city. He is a poor man. He earns his livelihood by pulling rickshaws. He puts on dirty clothes. He has a sun-burnt face. He always sweats because of hard work. He rents a rickshaw from the owner on daily basis. Then he comes out on the roads and streets in search of passengers. He wakes up in the morning and goes out on the street and pedals until late at night. He has to work in the sun and the rain. He does not care for the foul weather. He is generally gentle by nature. But sometimes he demands high fare. He has to live from hand to mouth. Sometimes his family has to spend the day eating very little. He leads a hard and miserable life. He lives in a slum area. He becomes happy if he can manage two square meals and coarse cloth for the members of his family. A happy smile lights on his face if he gets tips from the passengers. His service is really very great. He is a great friend to all of us.

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Rickshaw Puller Paragraph
The life of a rickshaw puller is a life full of misery.

A Rickshaw Puller Paragraph

In 160 words, for class 5 to 8

  • Where is a rickshaw puller usually seen?
  • What kind of house does he live in?
  • What does he do when the weather is bad?
  • Is the life of a rickshaw puller a happy and dignified life?

A rickshaw puller is a hard-working person who makes a living by driving a rickshaw. He is so poor that he does not have his own rickshaw. Instead, he drives another’s rickshaw on a contract to pay a certain amount of money. A rickshaw puller is usually seen in urban and suburban areas. He usually lives in a slum. Despite his hard work, he lives in poverty. Whether the weather is good or bad, it is not his chance to consider. No matter how bad the weather is, he has to get out in a rickshaw. Occasionally he had a dispute with the passenger over the fare. He has to endure even torture and humiliation. When he falls ill, his family members have to go hungry. There is no such thing as peace and happiness in his life. Even her children can’t dream of a beautiful life. In short, the life of a rickshaw puller is a life full of misery.

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