School Magazine Essay & Paragraph

The tradition of publishing magazines in schools is very old. When there was no printing press, students published hand-written school magazines. Some schools and madrasas are still hanging handwritten wall magazines. In fact, a school magazine is very important for students. It arouses interest, courage, and thinking in the students and inspires them to write something creative. This is why students are often asked to write essays or paragraphs about a school magazine, describing its importance, advantages, disadvantages and uses.

How to write a good essay about a school magazine? We suggest that you brainstorm for your essay before you start writing. Take a look at the article How to Brainstorm for an Essay to learn about brainstorming. Then start your writing. First, in a brief introduction, write down why a school magazine is important or useful. Then say about its management, such as a committee is formed for this purpose with advisors, editors and other responsible persons. Your next paragraph may be about the content, such as who writes about what topics in this school magazine. Then in a few lines, there will be information about the financing of the magazine. Finally, conclude by repeating some of the most significant sentences in your essay.

Here is a bunch of short essays and paragraphs on a school magazine, ranging from 100 to 300 words, as examples. These will definitely help you.

School Magazine Essay & Paragraph
A school magazine helps students develop writing habits.

By: Haque, For class 7-8/JSC, 11-01-’22

Write a composition about the school magazine by using the following hints: (i) Introduction; (ii) Magazine committee; (iii) What it contains; (iv) Provides training; (v) Uses and importance; (vi) Conclusion.

A school magazine is published at regular intervals from a school. It is mainly the concern of the students. It is managed and published by the teachers and students.

A magazine committee consists of some teachers and students. The headmaster generally becomes the president. An assistant teacher edits the magazine. Some students help him as sub-editors.

It contains articles, stories, poems, essays, and pictures mainly written and drawn by the students and by the teachers. The editor’s comment inspires the students to perform their level best. Besides, he reviews the academic and athletic achievements of the school.

It is a powerful means by which writing habits can be developed among students. It provides excellent training to the students in the art of writing, editing, and managing the magazine. It increases the teacher-student relationship. They work together to publish the school magazine. A suitable name is given to it. The cover page is designed when everything is ready. It goes to the press for printing.

The school magazine serves useful purposes. First of all, it brings the students into close touch with one another. Secondly, the writers of historical, geographical, and scientific articles have to read books outside the range of their prescribed books. All these extend their knowledge. The effort to write an article for the magazine develops the thinking and reasoning power of the students.

The school magazine is very dear to every student. Especially to those students whose writing finds a place in it.


A School Magazine Essay, 300 Words

By: Haque, For class 9-10/SSC, 23-01-’22

Introduction: Every year we publish a magazine in our school. The publication of the school magazine is an affair of the students of the school. It is a magazine for the students.

Committee/Formation: The headmaster calls a meeting of the students and the teachers, and forms a magazine committee. The headmaster acts as the president of the committee. The editor may be either a teacher or a student. Members are taken from the teachers and students. Two teachers are nominated by the headmaster. One of them is the advisor of the committee.

Contents: The editor invites poems, essays, short stories, and accounts of travel from the teachers and students. These articles and poems are selected and corrected, and then send to the press for printing. School magazines mainly deal with school affairs and publish such things as are helpful to students. They publish reports of the sports, games, and other activities of the students of the year. In short, a school magazine introduces a school and its one-year activities.

Fund: The students bear the expenses of its publication for which they annually pay a magazine fee to the school. The fund is also collected by selling space in the magazine for the advertisement of goods. The magazine is given free to the students. It is not sold to the public.

Utility of the School Magazine: School magazines offer training to young writers. They are very useful to students. They increase the knowledge of the students and develop their thinking and reasoning powers. Regular writing in the magazine gives a student a command over the language. It also gives them lessons of cooperation.

Conclusion: School magazines give students scope for becoming future poets, story writers, and journalists. Every school in the country must have a magazine of its own.

A School Magazine Essay & Paragraph

A School Magazine Essay in English, 300 Words

By: Haque, For class 9-10/SSC, 22-04-’22

Introduction: A school magazine is a literary publication of a school. In general, it is published annually or periodically. Like other schools, ours has also a school magazine. The name of our magazine is “The Light of Hope”. It is an annual publication.

How We Publish Our School Magazine: A magazine committee is formed in order to conduct the works of publication. Our head sir is the chairman and chief patron of the committee. A teacher is made the advisor. A student who is good at literature is made the editor of the magazine committee. Some students who are engaged in the committee work as assistant editors, business editors, proofreaders, etc. The publication of the magazine is mostly maintained by the students and the school fund.

Writing Printed in Our School Magazine: Our school magazine has both Bengali and English sections. Both teachers and students write in it. Generally, poems, short stories, jokes, one-act plays, riddles, and other educative writings are published in the magazine. After all the works of publication when the magazine reaches our hands, our joys know no bounds. The students feel very happy to see their writings in the printed book.

The Importance and Role of a School Magazine: The school magazine is an embodiment of our thinking. We can express the green ideas of our minds through this. Our school magazine lets us know more about literature, history, science, and more and encourages us to think of new things. It also helps us to do creative work. For this, the publication of a school magazine is very important.

Conclusion: A school magazine helps young students and writers develop their latent talents. It helps them develop thinking and writing skills. In fact, a school magazine is a periodical through which a person makes his debut in the world of literature. So, I think every school should have a school magazine.


A School Magazine Paragraph, 150 Words

By: Haque, For class 7-8/JSC, 11-01-’22

A school magazine is a magazine published by a school. It contains writings contributed by the students and the teachers. Every school magazine has a committee to make it a success. The head of the committee is the editor of the magazine. Generally, he is appointed from the teachers. The other posts are usually filled by the students. A school magazine usually contains all sorts of writings such as poems, short stories, rhymes, articles, essays, reports, criticisms, short plays, comics, facts, special news, etc. A school magazine is, without any doubt, very important for the students. It is the first-hand experience of the students on creative writing. Students also practically learn about publishing a real magazine. Such learning experience certainly helps them in their future academic career. A school magazine helps students express their experiences and thoughts. It makes them confident and informed.

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