School Teacher Composition & Paragraph

We’ve written one composition and three paragraphs here, about a school teacher and his role. In a student’s statement, they highlight the social importance of a primary school teacher, his teaching methods, how he treats students, his responsibilities, and other human qualities. The school teacher composition is in 100 words, and the 3 paragraphs about a school teacher below contain 130, 140, and 200 words.

A Primary School Teacher Paragraph
The role of a primary school teacher is most important in a student's life.

Words: 100, for class 3

A teacher teaches in an academic institution. He/she has the responsibility to build the future generation.

A teacher leads a very busy life. He/she has a huge responsibility. He/she teaches us and prepares us to succeed in the future. A teacher gives us academic knowledge. He/she also gives us knowledge about the whole world. We learn a lot of new things from him/her. A teacher is respected by all.

A teacher leads a very simple life. He/she gets up very early in the morning and goes to school. There he/she teaches from morning to afternoon. A teacher is like our parents. We must respect him/her.


A Paragraph on a Primary School Teacher

In 140 words, for class 5 to 8

Write a paragraph about your idea of A Primary School Teacher. Think of a particular teacher you have known. Describe some of his qualities, specially his behavior with the students, his general nature and the importance of his teaching.

A primary school teacher is an important person in the society. He gives basic education to the children in primary school. I met a number teachers. Of them I remember Mr. Abdur Rahman. He is an ideal teacher. He is B. A. with training from P. T. I. He is a successful teacher. He knows the modern method of teaching. He is dutiful, sincere and honest. He can deal with child psychology. He behaves well with the students and loves them dearly. He is never rude to them. He teaches them through love and affection. He goes to school early in the morning. He does his duties in the school properly and comes back home with a cheerful mind. He teaches many things outside the text books. He lives a simple life. Indeed, he is a teacher and guide to the children.


A School Teacher Paragraph

In 130 words, for class 5 to 7

The role of a teacher is important in building a nation. Because a teacher makes educated and conscious citizens. Then a developed society and country was formed by the combination of these conscious citizens. Just as masons build a palace with cement and stone, so a teacher builds civilized and skilled people with knowledge. An ideal teacher is sincere in teaching. He first arouses the curiosity of the students for knowledge, then satisfies them by providing accurate information and theories. Teachers are often referred to as ‘spiritual fathers’. He is respected by everyone in the society. A teacher feels successful and proud of his students’ success. He paved the way for his students to build their future. Therefore, there is no substitute for ideal teachers in building a beautiful society and a developed nation.


A Paragraph on a School Teacher

In 200 words, for class 8, 9, 10

A school teacher plays a key role in shaping a nation. It has been a well-known fact in all societies since prehistoric times. Even when there were no schools in the world, teachers still taught people. Nowadays schools, colleges and madrasas have been established, and the role and scope of work of teachers has expanded. In this way, school teachers have been contributing to the formation of educated people and civilized nation for ages.

A school teacher imparts knowledge to his students with love, like a father. He is always trying to help the students. He arouses the curiosity of knowledge in the minds of his pupils, then satisfies it with success. An ideal school teacher is efficient, sincere, dutiful and honest in teaching.

A school teacher helps his students overcome fear and become confident. He tries to discover the potential talents of each student and show them the way to establish. That is why teachers are given the highest respect in every civilized society. When students do well in studies, a school teacher considers himself successful and feels proud. The contribution of a good school teacher to the formation of a society can’t be fully rewarded.

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