Science and Human Happiness Essay & Paragraph

How does human happiness relate to science? How is modern science influencing and changing our way of life? How much do our daily needs, aspirations, and happiness depend on science? What is the contribution of science to the development and progress of human civilization? Can’t our life be happy without the help of science? These are questions that require thinking. And the answer to these lies in our following 1000-word long scholarly essay: ‘Science and Human Happiness’. Then there is a short 100-word ‘Science and Human Happiness Paragraph’, which summarizes the subject in a few sentences.

Science and Human Happiness Essay & Paragraph -
Science is constantly inventing ways and means to make people happy.

Science and Human Happiness Essay, 1000 Words

By: Haque | For: Higher readers | 12-06-’22

Modern life and science are inextricably linked. Much of human happiness today depends on the way in which man uses the vast power that science has bestowed upon him. Science is the only major civilizational yardstick by which progress and prosperity of human civilization can be best gauged. It is virtually impossible to imagine how the modern man can survive in the absence of the various discoveries and inventions which the scientists have made from time to time and which have rendered modern life comfortable and worth living. The life-changing electricity, the improved means of transport, magical communication, and organized lifestyle have all become an indivisible part of modern life. Apart from these milestones, science has done immense help to us by inculcating a scientific outlook in us which moves the wheel of civilization in pursuit of newer scientific discoveries and inventions for the betterment of mankind.

Happiness today would mean not only freedom from want and drudgery but also the positive feelings generated by a civilized existence in a comfortable and secure home embellished by varied means of entertainment. The major source of happiness is electricity which is one of the astounding scientific discoveries so far made. It has not only driven away age-old darkness but also made everything possible. From small domestic gadgets to large-scale industry electricity is the sine qua non. The modern world minus electricity is unimaginable. Modern cities, modern industries, and above all modern life are squarely defined by electricity.

Agriculture, the lifeline of mankind, is greatly developed by scientific equipment and methods. Had there been no science, agriculture would have been incapable of feeding above seven billion people today. The land is finite. The development of the hybrid variety of crops has enabled highly populated countries India and China to feed their burgeoning populations. Improved transport and storage facilities have finally secured man against the ravages of droughts and famines. Revolutions in agriculture by scientific methods have brought about an unprecedented increase in the production of food grains. This has rendered countries self-reliant in food production and made starvation death a scourge of the past. If one-third of the population of the world still goes half-fed or undernourished, the fault lies not with science but with the political and social systems prevalent in most parts of the globe which are still impaired by exploitation, inequity, and discrimination.

Luxury, comfort, and leisure time have been assured to man by science. Man is no longer subject to the tyranny of the elements — to freezing cold and scorching heat. Central heating systems, air conditioners, and air coolers developed and designed by scientists and technicians have made it possible for human beings to keep their homes, offices, and workshops at a desirable temperature most conducive to body and production. Domestic drudgery is rendered the status of a fairy tale in most of our houses. Electronic and electrical gadgets like refrigerators, grinders, ovens, induction cookers, pressure cookers, etc. have eliminated drudgery at home. For entertainment, science has placed us a number of discoveries and inventions like televisions, music systems, films, and a host of many gadgets and instruments.

Unforeseen progress in transport and communication has been of huge help and comfort to modern man. Distance is no longer a matter of concern nor is accessibility. The whole world has turned into a global village after the invention of high-speed automobiles and jet planes. The development of roadways, railways, airways, waterways, and conveyances has been possible by scientific research and discoveries. It is now possible for a man to go from one corner of the world to another corner in the smallest possible time. Communication devices masterminded by scientists are helping people in a great many ways. Computers, the internet, and other electronic means of communication are blessings for mankind. Governance, business, trade and commerce, bilateral relations, and international cooperation are effective and successful for the development of transport and communication.

In the health sector science has been a messiah of common people from chronic and fatal diseases like cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis B, etc. Health services have been made cheap and affordable for the poor and the needy. Medicines, surgical instruments, measuring instruments, scanners, difficult surgeries, and many medical instruments and machines have been gifts of science to mankind. Life-saving drugs have reduced mortality rates drastically. Man is assured of good health by science. It leads to happiness because man lives a healthy and disease-free life.

Modern cities and urban amenities are well-designed and structured to give us a sense of the most civilized being. Delicious dishes, entertainment facilities, modern parks, round-the-clock transport, wifi environment all have been tributes of science to mankind. Even the face of rural areas is being transformed with the inclusion of modern discoveries and inventions. Science and scientific outlook have recovered the rural communities from the age-old darkness of superstitions, ignorance, and traditional evils. We think scientifically now.

Science and scientific outlook have filled our hearts with joys and happiness without which mankind would have been grappling with barbarism to date. It has enriched life, made us more rational, and rendered life comfortable and worth living. However, the discovery and inventions of modern warfare, destructive weapons, and fatal means which are all possible by science are posing threat to the survival of mankind. But for this inhuman devolvement science is not at fault; rather it is we who have misused science against the interest of mankind. Science is a bad master but a good servant. In fact, the importance of science and technology is second to none on the earth.


Science and Human Happiness Paragraph, 100 Words

By: Haque | For class 6-7 | 05-04-’22

Science is deeply involved in our lives today. Our daily needs, aspirations, and happiness depend on science. The wonder of science has made our lives easier. Electricity, high-speed travel and transportation, instant communication, and advanced medical care are all a gift of science. Even our means of entertainment are also contributed by science. Without the help of science, our life can never be happy. So, we can say without hesitation that science has brought a lot of happiness and comfort to human life. However, it is not impossible to misuse scientific discoveries. Weapons of mass destruction are examples of misuse. We should make good use of the power and potential of science and prevent its misuse.

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