The Liar Shepherd & the Wolf

Aesop’s Fable

Once upon a time, there was a young shepherd who took his flock to pasture every day. Since he was extremely bored, he decided to play a joke on the local peasants.

—The wolf is coming! Help! My sheep!

The peasants ran to help him, but they saw no sign of the wolf. The young shepherd laughed out loud, while the peasants walked away very angry. A week later, the pastor played the same joke on them again. 

Until one day, the shepherd saw a wolf approaching. Terrified, he screamed for help. But this time, the peasants did not believe him and the shepherd was left without his flock.

Moral: No one believes a liar. So we should never lie. This is what this famous story by Aesop teaches us.

Shepherd Wolf Story
The shepherd boy used to make fun with lies. Image: storyplanets

Another version of the story, 150 words

A Lying Shepherd

A shepherd boy lived in a village. He used to graze sheep near a forest. One day the boy came up with an idea to have fun with the villagers. He began to shout, ‘Tiger, tiger! Help me! ‘ The villagers heard his screams and ran to rescue him. But they did not find any tigers there. Instead, the boy looked at them and began to laugh. The villagers got annoyed with the boy and went back. A few days later the shepherd boy made the same joke again. Once again the people scolded him and left. But one day a tiger came and attacked the flock. The boy climbed a tree as before and cried out for help. But the villagers did not believe him that day. They guessed the boy might be joking. In the meantime, the tiger killed a sheep and took it away. So, the boy then repented for lying.

Moral: Lying should never be done, not even in the form of a joke. Because no one believes a liar.

Another version of the story, 162 words

The Shepherd Boy & the Wolf

A shepherd boy lived in a village. He used to graze sheep near the forest. There was a wolf in the forest. Sometimes wolves would come out and attack the farmers and the sheep. The shepherd boy had a habit of lying. One day he shouted, ‘The wolf has come, help me.’ He did it to joke with the villagers. In fact, the wolf did not come that day.

The villagers heard the shouts and thought that the young shepherd was in danger. They came to the scene with sticks to save the boy. But they did not find any wolves. The shepherd boy was laughing then. The villagers returned annoyed.

One day a wolf really came. The shepherd boy shouted, “Save me! Save me!” People heard his screams that day too. But no one came forward to help him. They thought the shepherd boy was joking. Then the wolf killed the shepherd. Thus the unfortunate shepherd lost his life for lying.

Moral: The result of lying is never good.

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