Essay & Paragraph on Sister

Having a sister or more in life is a blessing in fact. Since the way a sister loves and cares is incomparable. Many of us have an elder sister, some got a younger sister, and some are lucky to have both elder and younger sisters. We love our sisters unconditionally. Here are a bunch of essays & paragraphs on my sister, highlighting the character, love, and care of a sister.

Essay & Paragraph on Sister
My sister, I think, is a blessing to me.

My Sister Essay in English, 200 Words

By: Haque, For class 9-10/SSC, 13-01-’22

I feel lucky to have a younger sister. Her name is Suranjana. She is five years younger than me. She is now in class five.

My sister is my best friend in the family. She is a very cheerful girl. She keeps an eye on my every little need. When I sit down to read, he brings me a cup of tea. Then she also sat with me with her books.

My sister helps my mother with household chores. She handed her the cooking utensils. She puts our clothes in the closet. In the afternoon, she watered the flower plants in our yard. She can sing very well. She values ​​time. So, she is always seen busy studying or working.

My sister likes sour fruits. I often bring her plums or mango pickles. She is very happy to get it. I love my sister very much. She loves me too.

My sister’s character is very good. She insults nobody, she doesn’t like those who talk nonsense. She is attentive in her studies. Her memory is sharp. So, she always does well in school exams. That is why the teachers at school love her, her classmates admire her, and everyone in our family loves my sister very much.


My Sister Paragraph, 100 Words

By: Haque, For class 5-6/PSC, 13-01-’22

I am a student. I read in class three. I have a younger sister. She is in class two. Her name is Sara. She is the youngest in our family. Sara is a very fickle girl. She speaks non-stop. She has many toys. She pretends to cook delicious things in her toy pots. There is no limit to her busyness with cooking. Even toys are often found in her school bag. But my sister is also good at studying. She goes to school with me every day. She can easily learn her lessons. She can also draw nice pictures. Everyone loves her.


A Paragraph on Sister, 150 Words

By: Haque, For class 7-8/JSC, 13-01-’22

I have a sister. Her name is Farhana. She is seventeen years old. My sister reads in Chittagong Government College. Now she is in the eleventh class. My sister is a very responsible person. She is also very hardworking. As a student of intermediate level, she has a lot of studies to do. I often find her reading books or preparing her assignments. She also does a lot of household work. After finishing her college work, she helps my mother do the household chores. My sister Farhana is a very special person to me. She loves me very much. Whenever I am in any sort of problem she comes forward to help me. She helps me understand the difficult points of mathematics and the English language. I also love and respect her very much.

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