A Snake Charmer Paragraph

Here you’ll find two paragraphs about a snake charmer. How he entertains people by playing with snakes, what he sells, his way of life and variety—all these are explained in simple words in these paragraphs.

A Snake Charmer Paragraph
A snake charmer is a funny character in society.

A Paragraph on a Snake Charmer

In 140 words, for class 5 to 10

  • What does a snake charmer do?
  • What kind of clothes does he usually wear?
  • How does a snake charmer entertain people with his snakes?
  • What do a snake charmer sell as well as show off his snakes?

A snake charmer is a funny character in society. He catches snakes, tames them, and entertains people by playing with them in the streets of towns. He usually wears a shirt and a turban on his head. He comes to the locality with a stick and a flute to show his game. When he comes, people of all ages gather around and request him to show his game. He selects a place, opens the lid of his baskets, and also one or two snakes to come out. Then he plays a special tune on his flute and the trained snakes raise their heads spreading their hoods and move with the tune. People enjoy the game of the snakes and then they pay him. Sometimes, he sells his herbs to people. Thus, he earns his livelihood and maintains himself and his family.

Snake Charmer Paragraph
People gather around a snake charmer in the village market.

Snake Charmer Paragraph

In 110 words, for class 4 to 7

Snake charming is an old rural occupation. A snake charmer is a poor man who walks from one village market to another with two or three cane boxes. Inside his boxes are several species of snakes. He exhibits one or more snakes hanging around his neck. Sometimes he has a mongoose in a box. He lets the snake and the mongoose fight. Viewers have fun watching it. The snake charmer gave an informative talk about snakes in front of the audience by showing the game of snakes. Then he sells some forest medicine. In this way, he earns a little money. This is how a snake charmer makes his living.

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