Swimming Essay & Paragraph in English

While writing these essays on swimming, I remembered the face of the boy as beautiful as the moon, who drowned in the pond. He had reached adolescence, and lived in a riverine country, yet why did he drown? This is because his father taught him how to read, but he did not teach him how to swim. But since these compositions on swimming are structured essays and paragraphs, I have not only focused on the importance of learning to swim but also discussed its process and benefits.

Swimming Essay - Swimming Paragraph in English
Swimming is a fun, not hard. Even children can swim better. Image: teachers.gov.bd

By: Haque | Sentences: 39 | Words: 567


The technique of floating in the water by moving the limbs is called swimming. Everyone who lives in a village in a riverine country knows how to swim. It is as easy for them as learning to walk. But most of the people living in cities and developed countries do not know how to swim. It’s an art for them, and a matter of special effort.

How to Swim

To keep the body afloat, one has to move the arms and legs in a special process. The water has to be pushed continuously downwards and backwards with the limbs. A little boy can easily learn to swim with a little effort. But if an adult wants to learn to swim, it seems difficult to him. But swimming is a laborious task. Just a few minutes of continuous swimming makes even a strong man tired. Nowadays swimming has been adopted as an international sport.

How to Learn Swimming

Childhood practice is most effective in learning to swim. Since then the body remains light and agile. A father leaves his child upside down in the water and supports him with his hands on his chest and abdomen and he then starts moving his arms and legs randomly. If he tries to do this for a while, he will understand how to move his limbs to stay afloat.

If you want to learn to swim on your own, you can take the help of a piece of a banana plant. Yes, a banana tree is your best teacher when it comes to swimming. Alternatively, you can take the help of inflatable tires, tubes, or other floating things. Always practice swimming in shallow water to avoid danger. Practice regularly for a few days, you will see that swimming is not a difficult thing at all.

Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a great exercise. Because when you move your limbs to keep your body afloat on the water, every limb and muscle in the body gets tense. It increases your heart rate and blood circulation and gives you cardiovascular fitness. Regular swimming keeps your weight under control and makes your heart and lungs healthier. Swimming is considered to be the best form of exercise, as not all the muscles of the body are used together in any exercise other than swimming.

Swimming Saves Lives

Sometimes the ability to swim saves lives. Every year many children who do not know how to swim drown and thousands of adults die in boat sinking. It is possible to reduce these untimely deaths by giving importance to swimming at the family and national levels.

Swimming Competitions

Swimming competitions are now a widespread trend. It is a popular event of the Olympic Games. Some people become famous every year for their quickness and skill in swimming. Our Bengali hero Brazen Das (1928-1996) was the first South Asian swimmer to set a world record by crossing the English Channel in 1958. In all countries of the world, the great achievement of swimmers is highly praised by their nation. They are awarded medals and prizes.


Learning to swim is almost as habitual and urgent as learning to walk to survive. Swimming is the most effective form of exercise, sometimes it saves lives. Therefore, swimming capability is important for everyone, young and old. In particular, every family should help and encourage children to learn how to swim.

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Boys Swimming, Swimming Essay and Paragraph in English
Unruly boys of riverine Bangladesh are swimming & playing in the water. Image: baghmama

Essay on the Benefits of Swimming

By: Haque | Sentences: 30 | Words: 400

Swimming is part of the daily bathing of people in riverine countries. In modern times, however, many people learn to swim as a way to exercise. Swimming is very beneficial for whole-body exercise. But how much you can benefit from swimming depends on the type of swimming. This means that there are different types of swimming. So keep an eye on what type of swimming you are practicing.

You can practice swimming in different styles in a pond or a small river. You can practice back-stroke swimming facing the sky, so you don’t have to waste much energy to swim. Another type is breast-stroke swimming, in which the arms, legs, shoulders, buttocks, and some other limbs are performed. If you swim fast in competition with someone, it will benefit your heart too. This is because the heart works faster to provide energy while swimming faster. And when breathing is faster, the lungs become stronger.

Swimming is a great exercise to get rid of some injuries. Suppose you are a runner. Your knees can’t stand the stress of running due to a minor injury. In this case, you can benefit from regular swimming. Not only that, before and after running, cycling and fitness exercises, swimming is very beneficial. Since swimming increases heartbeat and blood circulation and helps to stretch muscles. In swimming, you can easily exercise a particular limb if you like. For example, if you just want to do hand exercises, lie down on a long floating board and keep moving your hands quickly in the water on both sides. Similarly, only leg exercises can also be done.

Although swimming is an excellent exercise, it has some limitations. If your goal is to build strong and attractive muscles, then you will not get much benefit from swimming. In that case, you have to choose another way of exercise. Similarly, even if the goal is to strengthen the bones, you need to pay attention to any other form of exercise.

But despite these few limitations, there is no doubt that swimming is an excellent exercise. Swimming exercises all the organs of the body, it increases the functioning of your heart and lungs.



  • Swimming is the easiest but most beneficial exercise.
  • There is not much benefit in swimming to build strong muscles.
  • Swimming before running or cycling is great.
  • Swimming increases the speed of blood circulation.

Swimming Paragraph, 150 Words

By: Haque | For class: 8-10 | 25-02-’22

Swimming is both a necessity and a form of recreation. It is getting popular day by day. However, the art is known and practiced all over the world. Those who live near a river or sea need it very much. They also take to the water as naturally as a duck to the pond. Swimming is also a very good form of exercise. It exercises the limbs of the entire body without straining them. Moreover, the pace can be varied as one likes. It can also be practiced at any time of the day be it morning, afternoon, or evening. Almost every club or gymnasium of developed countries and even big hotels have swimming pools attached to them. Members can drop in and refresh themselves very easily there. Swimming has also secured an important place in competitive sports like the Olympic games. Among the aquatic games, swimming is the most popular. Hence, everybody should try to learn swimming early in life.


Swimming Paragraph, 100 Words

By: Haque | Sentences: 9 | Words: 100

To propel the body by floating it in water is called swimming. Swimming is a common human skill, but an excellent exercise. Swimming benefits us a lot. Regular swimming helps in building health and wellness. It increases the efficiency of the lungs, heart, and muscles. The ability to swim often saves lives from drowning. Nowadays swimming is an interesting sport and an exciting international competition. Each year, the best swimmers at the National Games, Asian Games, and Olympic Games are honored with gold and silver medals. We should all learn to swim to make our lives safer and health better.

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