Ebooks vs Printed Books Essay & Paragraph

Ebooks vs Printed Books Essay & Paragraph -

The present age is the age of computer and information technology. Books, like many others, are now digitized. These books are called ebooks or electronic books. Many readers, nowadays, read ebooks on their computers and mobile phones. Thus, ebooks have come into competition with printed books. That’s why ebooks are good or printed books, there are different opinions about this. In this context, we have shared two pieces of writing in this post, mainly for students. One is a 500-words article titled “Essay on Ebooks vs Printed Books / Advantages & Disadvantages of Ebooks”, and the other is an “Ebooks vs Printed Books Paragraph” in 150 words. They discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of ebooks and the role of the computer as a medium of education.

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Computer Essay & Paragraph

Write a Paragraph on Computer

The present age is the age of information technology. It has been possible with the help of the computer. Computer is the greatest invention of modern science. People from all walks of life are interested in computers. As part of this, school students often face the question, ‘Write a paragraph on computer’, or ‘Write a short essay about computer’. That’s why we put up a 300-words essay and two paragraphs about the introduction, importance, and uses of the device.

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