Get all school-related Essays, Paragraphs, and Compositions here, such as My or Our School, A Village School, A School Teacher, A School Library, A School Magazine, My School Memory, My First Day at School, and more.

My School Essay & Paragraph

My School Essay & Paragraph

Here are an essay and two paragraphs about a school. The 1st one is the essay titled ‘My School Essay / An Essay on Our School’ is for students studying in class 9-10 i.e. SSC candidates. The 2nd and 3rd compositions are two paragraphs, named ‘My School Paragraph’ and ‘A Village Primary School Paragraph’. The essay and paragraphs focus on how a primary school / village primary school lights the lamp of education in the darkness of illiteracy, what is the current state of primary schools, what should be done to improve their quality and what is the importance of primary school teachers.

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My First Day at School Essay & Paragraph for All Students

My First Day at School Essay Paragraph

Writing My First Day at School Essay and My First Day at School Paragraph is a very common question for students in school exams. So, here we have compiled a rich collection of 10 selected paragraphs and essays about my first day at school, in simple words, for all students from class 3-12. In fact, the memory of going to school on the first day is a very sweet and unforgettable memory for all of us. That is why it is a potential topic for school students to write essays, compositions, and paragraphs.

The texts here are of different lengths, ranging from 100 to 350 words. So, it seems that at least one of them may be enough to meet your needs. At the beginning of the essays and paragraphs on my first day at school, some related questions like in school exams, and at the end, we have added the meaning of difficult words in Bangla.

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My School Library Essay & Paragraph

My School Library Paragraph

“My School Library” or “Our School Library” is a very common topic for essay and paragraph writing. Also, it is easy for students to write about this. Because it is a place you always go and read books. So, how is your school library, how many books are there, how many chairs and tables—it should be easy for you to write down. Yes, when you write an essay, composition, or paragraph about the school library, it usually contains these things. However, you can add your own experience or something you like. The essays and paragraphs given here about a school library will help you to compose a beautiful one on your own.

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School Teacher Composition & Paragraphs

A Primary School Teacher Paragraph

We’ve written one composition and three paragraphs here, about a school teacher and his role. In a student’s statement, they highlight the social importance of a primary school teacher, his teaching methods, how he treats students, his responsibilities, and other human qualities. The school teacher composition is in 100 words, and the 3 paragraphs about a school teacher below contain 130, 140, and 200 words.

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