A Tea Stall Paragraph

Here are five paragraphs about a tea stall. Tea stalls are not just shops, they are part of the tradition in rural life. The working people of the village hang out in small tea stalls in the market or at street corners after working all day. In this way, they relieve their fatigue and get some entertainment through gossip. This is the importance of a tea stall.

A Tea Stall Paragraph
Each tea shop in the village is a mini parliament.

By: Haque; For class: 4-5/PSC; 28-02-’22

A tea stall is a well-known and popular place in the village market. It always attracts a crowd of tea drinkers. A tea stall offers hot tea as well as bread, biscuits, bananas, etc. Tea stalls are usually small shops. A tea stall usually has a few benches and tables and a chair. People of all ages in our country drink tea. That is why tea stalls are open till midnight. People gathered to drink tea and spend time talking to each other about different issues of the country. Tea stalls are in fact part of a long rural tradition.


A Tea Stall Paragraph

In 135 words, for class 5 to 8

A tea stall is a tea-making shop where prepared tea is available to serve the customers. Normal people usually go to a tea stall to take a sip or two of hot tea. Now write a paragraph on a tea stall mentioning its service to the society.

Tea is the most popular drink taken by rich and poor, young and old a day. So, a tea stall is a common place at commercial areas, industrial areas, bus terminals, railway stations, ports, courts and education institutions. Here the people take a sip or two of hot tea and carry on hot discussion on current affairs and politics. There are newspapers for public reading, radio, TV and cassette players for the entertainment of the customers. Light snacks are also served with tea. It is a place for important discussion or sharing of views after the hard toil of the day or during the recess. Without it life would have been dull and willful for the working middle-class. In the common sense, a tea stall plays a very important role in fulfilling general customers’ demand of taking tea and snacks.


A Tea Stall Paragraph

In 200 words, for class 9 to 12

  • What is a tea stall?
  • Where is a tea stall usually set up?
  • What are the materials used to make tea stalls?
  • What kind of furniture does a tea stall have?
  • Why is a tea stall important in the life of the people of the village?

A tea stall is a small shop where people gather to have tea. Tea stalls are usually set up at street corners, bus stands, near factories, launch docks or other such crowded places. A tea stall is made of bamboo, wood and tin. These are very simple, not decorated. An oven is kept burning in the tea stall all the time. There is a kettle on the stove. It always boils hot tea. The furniture includes a few chairs, benches and a cash table. In addition to tea, these shops sell biscuits, bread, bananas, drinks and cigarettes. The sales and income of a tea shopkeeper is very low, but it takes a lot of hard work and time. He opens his shop very early in the morning, and closes late at night. There is a boy to serve tea to customers. The manager sitting behind the cash box receives money from customers. It is a meeting place for all kinds of people. Customers are refreshed with a cup of tea. Sometimes they talk about politics. Sometimes they storm over a cup of tea. In fact, a tea stall is a favorite pastime of all kinds of people.


A Tea Stall Paragraph, 100 Words

Sentences: 10, Words 100, for class 7-8

A tea stall is a common place in towns and village markets. It is a kind of shop. Hot tea, loaves, and biscuits are found in the tea stall. A tea stall has usually a very narrow space. There are chairs and benches for the customers. Different kinds of people gather in a tea stall and discuss current political topics or occurrences of the locality. Tired pedestrians enter the tea stalls to refresh themselves by drinking tea. Villagers like to spend time there on idle talking. Nowadays, tea is a popular drink. So, a tea stall has become a necessity.


A Tea Stall Paragraph, 230 Words

By: Haque; For class 9-10/SSC; 28-02-’22

A tea stall is a small shop or a stall where tea and light snacks are sold. A tea stall is a common sight in our country. Generally, we find a tea stall in a railway station, a village market, a bus stand, a launch terminal, in the junction of big roads or other busy public places. A tea stall is also seen in villages where it is a very popular place. Villagers gather in a tea stall for refreshment or to pass their leisure hours. Tea, betel leaf, cigarette, biscuits, buns, bread, chocolate, and different hand-made snacks are available in a tea stall. A tea stall usually opens very early in the morning and closes at midnight. There are usually some chairs around tables in a tea stall for the customers. The cashier sits in front of a desk in one corner. He collects money from the customers. Generally, a small boy or two serve tea and snacks to the customers. Customers from all walks of life go to a tea stall. They spend a long time in a tea stall while taking tea. Customers also discuss different matters in a tea stall. Politics is a very popular issue of discussion in a tea stall. Customers also discuss international events, local affairs, TV programs, radio programs, and movies. A tea stall is certainly an important place for social gatherings.

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