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He who teaches is called a teacher. Parents bring us into this world, and teachers make us successful by teaching us knowledge, skills, and ethics. That is why, after parents, a teacher is the most important person in our lives. In most societies, the teacher is revered as the spiritual father. The essays and paragraphs here highlight the identity, importance, and qualities of a teacher.

My Favorite Teacher Paragraph
In most societies, a teacher is revered as the spiritual father.

A Teacher Essay in English, 450 Words

By: Haque; For class 9-12; 26-02-’22

Introduction: A teacher is one of the most important persons for the development of a society or a country. There is no doubt that education is the most important factor for the proper mental development of a person. Without proper education, a man cannot develop mentally and psychologically in the proper way. A teacher plays the most important role in ensuring proper education for a person. In this way, what education a person will receive depends largely on the quality of teachers he gets.

Duties of a Teacher: The duties and responsibilities of a teacher are many. The foremost responsibility of a teacher is to make lessons attractive and retain the interest of the pupils. For this purpose, a teacher should be well trained. In school or madrasa, a student has to follow certain rules and regulations. These rules can put a strain on a student. So, it is necessary for the teachers to make learning enjoyable so that the students will want to go to school in spite of the rules and regulations. Besides, we can also see that a lot of students drop out of school every year as they dread their schools. This is mostly because they do not find schools interesting. Such dropouts can be largely prevented if the teaching methods and lessons are interesting. It is also true that, nowadays, there are a lot of distractions such as numerous TV channels, computer games, interesting movies, narcotics, the internet, mobile phones, and many more. Such distractions divert students’ attention away from the textbook. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teachers to take effective steps to make their lessons interesting and enjoyable for the students. In the experience of daily life, we ​​see that we can remember an interesting event or thing very easily and for a long time. Students respond similarly to an interesting lesson. So interesting lessons and teaching methods can greatly improve the performance of students.

Qualities of a Teacher: There are certain qualities a teacher needs to possess. The most important of them is to have a good education. If the teacher does not have adequate education he cannot be expected to impart proper education. He should have a true love for learning so that he could instigate that love among his students. He should also be patient as a lot of patience is needed for grooming a student with knowledge.

Conclusion: It can be said that, at present, due to a tremendous improvement in science, many tools and techniques are available to the teachers to make the lessons interesting. Teachers can easily use those methods.


A Teacher Paragraph, 130 Words

By: Haque; For class 7-8/JSC; 26-02-’22

A man or woman who teaches the students in any educational institution is called a teacher. A teacher, especially a good or an ideal teacher, is one of the most important people in a country. He/she is a valuable asset to any country. He/she is the architect of a nation. A good teacher is a friend, philosopher, and guide to the students. He/she makes lessons interesting to them. He/she awakens the students and arouses their eagerness for learning. He/she makes them confident and proves them clever. He/she discovers the hidden treasure in each student. He/she also wants them happy. He/she keeps them busy at school and at home. His/her general nature is also good. So, a good teacher should have the necessary qualifications and professional training.

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