Television Essay & Paragraph in English

Television is the most popular device for information and entertainment. That’s why it is a common subject for writing essays and paragraphs. Here we have written a bunch of Essays on Television in English, as well as a short paragraph on TV. The role, importance, uses, abuses, advantages and disadvantages of television are explained in these articles. In addition to general readers, the essays about television may especially help the students and examinees.
Television Essay & Paragraph in English
Television is the most powerful medium, though it has some disadvantages.

By: Haque, For class 9-10, 22-12-’21

Introduction: Television is one of the wonders of science. Since its invention, it has become the best means of entertainment for people from all walks of life. However, with the recent advent of a more amazing device of mobile phone or smartphone, the influence and popularity of television have diminished somewhat. Yet, television is considered to be an up-to-date means of communication and entertainment. It sends both sound and pictures to distant places. Television amuses us with its charms. It has really enriched our civilization.

The invention of Television: A German scientist, Paul Gottlieb Nipkow, first invented television. Then John Beard modernized it. It is based on photography.

Description: The word ‘tele’ means distance, and ‘vision’ means sight. So, the word ‘television’ means seeing from the distance. Two principles work behind the television, transmission of sound and transmission of pictures. It has a great likeness to the cinema. We can see the happenings of different parts of the world through it. Now, this equipment is very popular.

Its popularity: Nowadays, television has become very much popular. We find a television in every house in a town or city. In the rural areas, it is available now.

Merits / Uses: The merits of television are very great. The whole world is helped by it. It informs us about the politics, science, sports, and entertainment of the world. It is a good means of communication.

Recreation: Television recreates us greatly. We watch it to enjoy the charms. It is helpful for removing our tiredness from routine work.

Disadvantages or Abuses: It has some abuses. Our young boys and girls prefer watching it to reading. They, sometimes, neglect their studies because of it.

Conclusion: Television is a great achievement in modern life. It is a combination of audio and video. It entertains as well as instructs us. It has made our life enjoyable.


Television Essay 200 Words
Advantages & Disadvantages of Television

By: Haque, For Class 6-7, 22-12-’21

Hints: (i) Introduction, (ii) Invention of the television, (iii) Importance or uses, (iv) Recreation, (v) Educative value, (vi) Disadvantages or abuses, (vii) Conclusion.

Introduction: Television is a special gift of modern science. It’s a communicative device to send pictures to distant places. It carries our photographic pictures along with voices to the farthest corner of the world.

The Invention of the Television: The idea of television first came into the mind of German scientist Paul Nepkow. John Beard gave television to the modern shape.

Importance or Uses: Television is the most up-to-date means of communicating ideas and thoughts. We may hear the historic lectures of the great persons and see them on the screen of the television. It plays an important role at the time of natural calamity. In modern times, it’s the best medium of advertising goods.

Recreation: Television serves the purpose of our recreation. after a day’s work we sit before a television set and enjoy songs, dances, plays, and sports, and games.

Educative Value: Television has some educative value. It’s one of the most powerful mass media. It can educate people about the current affairs of the world. We can see how development works are taking place in different parts of the world.

Disadvantages or Abuses: Television has some disadvantages too. Often young boys and girls prefer enjoying television to reading. They forget about their studies and are engrossed in entertainment.

Conclusion: Television is in fact a blessing of modern science. Whether it is good or bad for us depends on how we use it.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Television Essay and Paragraph
Television is the most popular means of entertainment.

Television Essay 500 Words
Advantages & Disadvantages of Television

By: Haque, For college students

(a) Introduce television. What does it do? (b) What is the reason for the dominance of television over radio, newspapers and books? (c) Television does more harm than good for young people, how? (d) How does television have a detrimental effect on students? (e) Can you name a few television programs that you think are harmful to young people? (f) What effect does this device have on health?

What is television: Television is an electronic device that is used to transmit audio-visual messages. It is a channel of Mass communication. Through the help of an electro-magnetic wave, messages are disseminated to the mass audience simultaneously. That is, the messages or information disseminated are passed down to millions of heterogeneous (vast) audiences at the same time.

Television message has a great advantage over other media of communication like Radio and newspapers or books. Newspapers and books appeal to the sense of sight only while Television messages appeal to the sense of sight and hearing. Television belongs to the category of broadcasting media.

Television has helped mankind in various ways like reaching a vast audience both in rural and urban at the same time. It is a teaching aid. The use of motion pictures and audio helps the views to understand its message better. This is because what is said is shown and demonstrated. However, Television is doing more harm than good to our youths in the following ways:

Usages: Television is used to disseminate informative, educative, and entertainment messages. But our youths have turned the television to become an entertainment medium only. Entertainment movies and games have taken over the spaces for other educative programs. They do not show interest in the news or commentaries. They go away or avoid the station at that time and tune in to other stations that are airing movies. In many homes, Televisions are being used for game purposes. Day and night, the youths are glued to the television playing violent or entertainment video games.

The Place of Study: It is no longer a new trend in the manner in which our youths prefer watching Television to the detriment of their studies. They wile away their time meant for reading and doing assignments on the Television screen. Many youths used to watch the Television into the late hour of the night and end up going to school late.

Lack of Concentration: Television has ways of distracting the youths. The madness for Zee-world, Telemundo, Soap opera, and African magic has gone beyond control. Sports channels have not done better either. It has done more harm than good. It has led our youths into betting games. Some are ready to miss school days for a champion’s league. No wonder many parents place embargos on the Television during the weekdays and allow it for their children to watch only on Saturdays and Sundays with restrictions to some channels.

Immorality on Increase: The Big Brother Naija and The Big Brother Africa television program is doing more harm to the youths. The program allows the participants to dress indecently, discuss and practice sexual intercourse openly, and was launched a few years ago. It has quenched many virtues in the lives of the youths and awakens the desire for sex and quick riches.

Health Implication: The eyes clinics are recording a great number of youths with serious eye disease. Constant fixing of the eyes on the Television screen causes damages to the retina. If the youth have blur vision at a youthful age, what will the future hold?

Conclusion: Television has its own advantages like I earlier mentioned but the disadvantages have outweighed its advantages. Looking at the listed points, we can boldly say that television is doing more harm than good to our youths.


Essay on Television 250 Words

By: Haque, For class 7-8/JSC

Television is a wonder of science. It is one of the best ways for modern people to get information and entertainment. Television is popularly known as TV. Television is seen in all countries of the world, rich and poor alike. In addition to information and entertainment, live talk shows of scholars on TV are an easy way to acquire knowledge.

Paul nepkov, a German scientist, first thought of sending images to a distant place. Later on John logy Baird, an English, invented television in 1926. Later the system has been improved by many others scientists.

Television is the combination of the radio and the cinema. It is based on the science of photography. It is a system employing photoelectrical and wireless processes, objects, and performances at a distance. A TV camera produces an image and this image after being recorded on a film, is transmitted on the screen.

Television is a source of recreation. After days of hard work, we sit before a television set and hear music and songs. We enjoy drama, cinema dance, and many other important things. We see the actors and actresses.

Television has some demerits also. Sometimes we remain to sit idly leaving regular work. Students also are attached to it and neglect their studies.

However, the importance of TV needs no telling. All the members of a family can watch it with profit and pleasure in their own house. On the whole, television is an effective means of both amusement and instruction. We cannot think of modern life without it.


Paragraph on Television 150 Words

Sentences: 20, Words: 150, Characters: 869.

Television is a great invention of modern science. The device has now become a common source of information and entertainment in the world. Television can be seen everywhere in urban and rural areas. It has been an integral part of our lives. In it, we can see and hear the scenes and sounds of distant places of the world sitting at home. In this way, television meets the needs of human eyes and ears. We get to see and hear famous and wise people on television, as well as enjoy music, sports, and movie shows. Television is currently the most powerful media. It also broadcasts educational programs on various topics, which help us to gain knowledge. However, school children often neglect their studies and become addicted to watching programs on television. It’s not good at all. It should be used in a controlled manner, taking care of time and responsibilities.

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