Traffic Jam Paragraphs & Compositions

Traffic jams are a big problem, especially in densely populated cities. It wastes our precious time and brings misery to life. That is why traffic jams are an important issue that needs to be addressed. Since students often have to write paragraphs, compositions, and essays on traffic jams in school, we have shared a bunch of useful paragraphs and essays for students of different classes, like Traffic Jam Paragraph for Class 5, Traffic Jam Paragraph for Class 6, Traffic Jam Paragraph for Class 7 , Traffic Jam Paragraph for Class 8, Traffic Jam Paragraph for Class 9-10, Traffic Jam Paragraph for Class 11-12, Traffic Jam Paragraph in 100-200 Words, and a composition on How Traffic Jam Lessens in 150 words. They highlight the causes of traffic jams and focus on solving these problems. Following them, you can write your own paragraph on traffic jam focusing on your home town.

Paragraph on traffic jam 200 word class-5
It is very important to solve the traffic jam problem.

By: Haque | Words: 100 | 01-06-’22

Write a paragraph on traffic jam within 100 words. Focus on the causes of traffic jam, its consequences, and solutions to this problem.

Traffic jam is a major problem in modern urban life. Every day the city dwellers have to face this problem. Narrow roads, overcrowding, and neglect of traffic rules are the main causes of traffic jams. A lot of private cars, slow vehicles like rickshaws, autorickshaws, etc., and illegal parking are also responsible for this problem. Traffic jams waste time, disrupt work and create misery in public life. Therefore, it is very important to solve this problem. The problem can be solved by widening roads, forcing everyone to comply with traffic rules, and providing alternative routes and ways for city dwellers such as the construction of flyovers and the running of metro rails.


Traffic Jam Paragraph for Class 6-7

By: Haque | Words: 150 | 01-06-’22

Write a traffic jam paragraph in around 150 words answering the following questions:

  • What is a traffic jam?
  • What are the causes of this?
  • Why are traffic jams a problem?
  • What alternatives can be taken to solve this problem?

A traffic jam is a long line of vehicles on the road that leads to a serious deadlock. This is a common feature of major roads in small but densely populated countries. There are many causes of traffic jams. First, the roads were narrower than they were supposed to be. Second, many drivers are unaware of the traffic rules while others intentionally violate them. Third, slower vehicles such as rickshaws. Fourth, expired cars suddenly stop on the road. Fifth, there are a lot of private cars on the road. Traffic jams waste our time and money. So it is essential to solving this problem. The way to solve the problem of traffic jams is to eliminate the mentioned causes of traffic jams. At the same time to create alternative roads and methods for the movement of people in the city such as foot overbridges, flyovers, elevated expressways, subways, metro rail, etc.

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Traffic Jam Paragraph for Class 8

By: Haque | Words: 200 | 29-06-’22

Traffic jams are a situation where hundreds of vehicles cannot move on a road or move at very slow speeds due to a lack of sufficient space. This is a big problem in modern urban life. Due to the traffic jam, patients and doctors could not reach the hospital on time, resulting in loss of life or pain. Students are delayed in going to school and college and employees in the office. If there is a fire somewhere, the fire brigade cannot reach there quickly, so there is a lot of loss of life and property. In short, traffic jams bring indescribable damage and misery to city life. There are many reasons for the jam. Such as unplanned roads that are much narrower than the required width. Other reasons include illegal parking, lack of traffic police in the city, slow vehicles like rickshaws and Tomtom, excess of private cars, incompetence of drivers, etc. In order to reduce traffic jams, these factors need to be addressed. Also, it is possible to reduce traffic congestion by constructing a sufficient number of flyovers and elevated expressways and launching metro rails. The government should take steps to adopt and implement a long-term action plan to reduce traffic jams.


Traffic Jam Paragraph for Class 7-8

By: Haque | Words: 150 | 01-06-’22

  • When and how are traffic jams created?
  • What are the main causes of traffic jams?
  • What kind of misery do people of different classes and professions suffer as a result of traffic jams?
  • What do you think are the ways to solve the traffic jam problem?

A traffic jam is a situation when a large number of vehicles stop on the road or move very slowly. This is a difficult problem in modern urban life. The main reasons for traffic jams are: unplanned and narrow roads, increasing private vehicles, illegal parking and weak drivers. Traffic jams paralyze public life. People of all classes suffer from it. Teachers and students cannot reach school on time, doctors and patients cannot go to the hospital fast, employees and sellers are late to their offices and shops. Thus traffic congestion damages the economy of the whole country. So, it is very important to solve the traffic jam problem. The way to do this is to build wide roads in a planned way, deploy traffic police at every junction of the roads and enforce traffic laws properly, remove unlicensed vehicles, reduce private cars and create awareness among all. This is the way we can get a traffic free city.

Paragraph on Traffic Jam
Traffic jams paralyze public life.

Traffic Jam Paragraph, 150 Words

By: Haque | For Class 6, 7, 8 | 01-06-’22

Write a paragraph on traffic jam. Mention the reasons and your suggestions in protecting our country from traffic jam.

The traffic jam is now-a-days a common thing in city life. There are two types of transport, slow moving and fast moving vehicles. Dhaka city is full of rickshaws and the rickshaw pullers do not follow the traffic rules. Rickshaws, breaking down the discipline of the road, cause a traffic jam mostly. Sometimes tracks create traffic jam violating rules of road. Illegal markets by the roadside, parking of vehicles, public meetings, processions, block the roads. These caused traffic jam. During Eid vacations or other vacations traffic jam occurs near bus stands and near launch and steamer ghats. During the jam the sufferings of the travelers know no bounds. Any kind of traffic jam is harmful for our economy. It paralyses our life, spoils our time and losses our energy. To remove traffic jam on roads traffic police should be fair. And the drivers and passers by should be careful of their own task.


Traffic Jam Paragraph for Class 9-10

By: Haque | Words 200 | 01-06-’22

Traffic jam means a jam of traffic or vehicles. It has become a common affair in big cities and industrial areas where a huge number of vehicles run regularly. There are many causes of traffic jams. Firstly, the roads of our country are narrow and in want of repair. Secondly, there are not enough roads in urban areas of densely populated countries. For example, in the cities of Bangladesh, roads occupy only 8% -10% of the space where they should have 25% space. Thirdly, slow vehicles mainly rickshaws make up the major portion of the total traffic in the country. They cause traffic jams in most cases. Finally, ignorance of traffic rules and violence of traffic rules are also responsible. In countries where cities have developed without planning, traffic jams have become a serious problem. It wastes time and resources, does not allow people to reach offices, schools and hospitals on time, and creates misery in public life. For removing traffic jams certain steps may be taken. Such steps will include widening and repairing the existing roads, making the drivers aware of the traffic rules, ensuring punishment for the violation of traffic rules, and so on. If such steps can be implemented properly, we can certainly remove traffic jams.

Traffic Jam Paragraphs & Compositions -
Traffic Jam Paragraph & Composition

A composition on How Traffic Jam Lessens, 150 words

By: Haque | For Class: 8, 9, 10 | 03-06-’22

Traffic jam is a problem in all towns and cities in Bangladesh. Mainly, traffic jam is a problem in Dhaka city. It occurs where a mass of vehicles crowd so close together that movement becomes impossible for some time. Traffic jam hampers our daily life to kill time. Large numbers of rickshaws, random parking of cars, and small shops on the sidewalks are the main causes of traffic jams. It is more common where the streets are narrow and have many bends. The weak traffic control system is also largely responsible for it.

Traffic jam is very vexatious and time-killing. In the city, the communication system is not done in a planned way. Parking facilities are not available. Nowadays in the city footpaths are occupied by hawkers. They sell their things. Even they use the main roads where vehicles go. People have to walk on the pavement. Footpaths must be cleared to prevent traffic jams. Most of the drivers are not well trained. They do not know how to drive well.

To avoid traffic jams, trained drivers are necessary. For this, driving monitoring teams should be formed. Many motor vehicles are disordered. They create jam more. The disordered vehicles must be banned so that they cannot play in the city.

Traffic jam is harmful to our daily life. The problem of traffic jams should be solved as soon as possible to avoid the suffering of the people. Traffic jams may be lessened if the government takes the mentioned steps.

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