Traffic Jam Paragraph

Traffic jams are a major problem in densely populated cities. Here we are sharing two paragraphs about traffic jams. These paragraphs shed light on the causes and remedies of traffic jams. Following these, you can write a paragraph of your own in the traffic jam situation in your own city.

Paragraph on traffic jam 200 word class-5
It is very important to solve the traffic jam problem.

A Traffic Jam Paragraph

In 150 words, for class 5 to 10

  • When and how are traffic jams created?
  • What are the main causes of traffic jams?
  • What kind of misery do people of different classes and professions suffer as a result of traffic jams?
  • What do you think are the ways to solve the traffic jam problem?

A traffic jam is a situation when a large number of vehicles stop on the road or move very slowly. This is a difficult problem in modern urban life. The main reasons for traffic jams are: unplanned and narrow roads, increasing private vehicles, illegal parking and weak drivers. Traffic jams paralyze public life. People of all classes suffer from it. Teachers and students cannot reach school on time, doctors and patients cannot go to the hospital fast, employees and sellers are late to their offices and shops. Thus traffic congestion damages the economy of the whole country. So, it is very important to solve the traffic jam problem. The way to do this is to build wide roads in a planned way, deploy traffic police at every junction of the roads and enforce traffic laws properly, remove unlicensed vehicles, reduce private cars and create awareness among all. This is the way we can get a traffic free city.

Paragraph on Traffic Jam
Traffic jams paralyze public life.

A Paragraph on Traffic Jam

In 150 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph on traffic jam. Mention the reasons and your suggestions in protecting our country from traffic jam.

The traffic jam is now-a-days a common thing in city life. There are two types of transport, slow moving and fast moving vehicles. Dhaka city is full of rickshaws and the rickshaw pullers do not follow the traffic rules. Rickshaws, breaking down the discipline of the road, cause a traffic jam mostly. Sometimes tracks create traffic jam violating rules of road. Illegal markets by the roadside, parking of vehicles, public meetings, processions, block the roads. These caused traffic jam. During Eid vacations or other vacations traffic jam occurs near bus stands and near launch and steamer ghats. During the jam the sufferings of the travelers know no bounds. Any kind of traffic jam is harmful for our economy. It paralyses our life, spoils our time and losses our energy. To remove traffic jam on roads traffic police should be fair. And the drivers and passers by should be careful of their own task.

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