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If you would like to write an essay or a paragraph on traffic police, this post is for you. It is a bunch of essays and paragraphs about traffic police. They highlight the identity, role, responsibilities, importance, and life of a traffic policeman.

A Traffic Police Paragraph
A traffic policeman is in charge of traffic control.

A Traffic Police Essay in English, 300 Words

By: Haque | For class 9-10 | 07-04-’22

Introduction: When I would like to write an essay about a traffic policeman, a very familiar face of the city comes to my mind. He controls the movement of vehicles on busy roads. He stands at the junction of roads and points to move or stop the vehicles. In this way, he regulates the movement of vehicles and protects the city from suffering from traffic jams.

Traffic Police Uniform: A traffic police uniform is different from an ordinary policeman. In most countries, traffic polices wear white trousers, white shirts or coats, and white hats. They carry an umbrella to protect themselves from the sun and rain and use a signal stick to warn vehicles at night.

Functions of the Traffic Police: The main responsibility of the traffic police is to control the movement of vehicles to avoid traffic jams and accidents. If he suspects a truck, car, or motorcycle, he stops it and checks the license and other documents. He resists illegal activities on the road. Sometimes he helps pedestrians cross the road.

Importance of Traffic Police: A traffic policeman does a very important duty in the city. If he does not work at road junctions, traffic jams can paralyze the city. Accidents and collisions can occur on the road. Thieves, looters, and criminals will annoy the people of the city.

Life of a Traffic Policeman: A traffic police works very hard. Sometimes he has to work under the hot sun and sometimes in the pouring rain. He cannot sit and rest. His clothes get dirty in the dust of vehicles on the road and it causes various allergic diseases in his body. Vehicle horns damage his hearing. Thus he lives a hard life.

Conclusion: Despite working hard, a traffic policeman gets paid less. Therefore, the government should take steps to increase the salaries of traffic policemen and improve their living standards.


A Traffic Police Paragraph, 150 Words

By: Haque | For class 5-6 | 07-04-’22

  • What kind of clothes does a traffic policeman wear? Describe his uniform.
  • Where does a traffic policeman work?
  • What does a traffic policeman do?
  • How do you assess the responsibilities of a traffic police?

Traffic police is a familiar figure in towns and cities. He is an important person in the cities and towns. He is seen standing on the island of the roads or the street from morning to dead night. He wears a uniform, a khaki trouser, a shirt with white sleeves, and a white helmet. He uses an umbrella to protect him from the heat of the burning sun and from heavy rains. He controls the movement of the people and vehicles on the road. He works for the easy and free movement of the people. He also tries to reduce accidents and jams. Those who violate the traffic rules are taken to custody. Sometimes he examines the necessary papers of the drivers. Sometimes he helps women, children, and old people to cross the road. His duties and responsibilities are very great. He is very sincere, dutiful, and punctual. His service to us is great.

Traffic Police Paragraph
A female traffic police officer in charge. Photo:

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A Traffic Police Paragraph for Class 4-5

By: Haque | Words: 140 | 07-04-’22

The role played by a traffic police in the field of communication is great. Our hope is that the traffic police should be careful of his own duties and obligations. Now write a paragraph on a traffic police giving a short description to his duties, service and style of controlling vehicles.

A traffic police is a person who controls the traffic. He sometimes blows and sometimes uses his hands to make several signs and the vehicles stop or go on moving obeying him. He is seen standing at the Junction of the roads on an elevated place called the traffic island. Sometimes he carries an umbrella to protect himself from the sun and rain. His job is a tiresome job and it requires a lot of patience. He does a great service to the public as well as to the nation. Traffic police play his job very greatly but his salary is poor and so sometimes he becomes corrupted. If the government can be able to provide much privileges according to the growing demand then they will be more conscious about their duty and serve the nation very sincerely.

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