Truthfulness & Truthful Man Paragraphs

Truthfulness and honesty are the fundamental qualities of human life. This means always speaking the truth and being honest in all deeds. Veracity is synonymous with truthfulness. Everyone loves and respects a truthful and honest man. Here are a bunch of paragraphs on the truthfulness and a truthful man in simple English, for students and children.

Truthfulness Paragraph
Truthfulness brings peace and progress in life.

By: Haque | For class 3-4 | 07-06-’22

Write a paragraph about “Truthfulness” answering the following questions:

  • What is truthfulness?
  • What is the position of a truthful man in the society?
  • How is a liar looked upon?
  • What is the fate of a liar?
  • What does truthfulness bring?

The quality of speaking the truth is called truthfulness. It is a great virtue. The happiness and prosperity of a man depend on it. A truthful man is respected by all. A truthful man is always fearless, sincere, and honest. On the other hand, nobody believes a liar. He is hated by all. He may succeed for the time being by dishonest means, but he comes to sorrow in the long run. He has no peace of mind. A truthful man gains success in life. Truthfulness brings peace and progress in life.


Truthfulness Paragraph, 150 Words

By: Haque | For class 4-5 | 07-06-’22

The habit of speaking the truth is called truthfulness. This is a great quality of human beings. The habit of always telling the truth is the key to building a good character. Because the one who can avoid lying can easily avoid other bad deeds. That is why there are many admirable qualities in a truthful person. A truthful man is always just, courageous, sincere, and above all a simple man. He does not lie to please anyone, speaks fair and balanced, and hates to use unjust means. In this way, truthfulness helps a person to develop all the other good qualities. A truthful person is an asset to society. He helped the country prosper. The habit of speaking the truth should be developed from childhood. Truthfulness is the basis of all virtues. So we should all be honest in all areas of life and practice truthfulness.

Truthfulness Truthful Man Paragraph
Truthfulness gives peace. Everyone loves a truthful man.

Truthfulness Paragraph, For Class 5-6

By: Haque | Words: 150 | 07-06-’22

Write down a paragraph on the utility of truthfulness. Mention the benefit that one can enjoy being truthful. Write down how truthfulness helps one to reach the definite goal of success.

One who is truthful is beautiful in the eyes of all. Hazrat Muhammad, peace be upon him, was called ‘Al-Amin’ or the truthful even by his enemies. A man who tells a lie suffers in the long run. We should not even tell a lie in jest. Truthfulness is a good quality of which presents one becomes shining and glaring. Truthfulness begins at home and the parents should encourage their children to speak the truth. Hazrat Abdul Quader Jilani’s mother advised him always to speak the truth. So he did not hesitate to tell about his hidden money to the robbers who were so much charmed by his truthfulness that they turned into gentlemen. So, truthfulness can make this earth a heaven by its influence. Truthfulness is deadly against falsehood. If truthfulness reigns in the word falsehood will be driven away and we can all live peacefully in the world.

Paragraph Truthfulness
Truthfulness is deadly against falsehood.

A Paragraph on a Truthful Man

In 110 words, for class 4-5

Describe the life of a truthful man. Mention specially his nature and his social position.

A truthful man has the greatest virtue of speaking the truth. He speaks just what is right. He is a man of firmness, honesty and character. He is fearless, sincere and frank. He has moral courage and fears nobody. He never tells a lie. He may be poor but his wants cannot stand in the way of his speaking the truth. He knows that character is more valuable than money. He has peace of mind. He can win the love and respect of others. People believe what he says. He leads a glorified life. He is a successful man and his success is permanent. Actually, he is an asset of our country.

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