Why most universities don’t have Astronomy Faculty?

An Islamic scholar in Bangladesh was seeking the help of an astronomer to study the religious rules for moon sightings. But he got the sad news that his country’s universities don’t have astronomy faculties. So, he was shocked to think of the decline in education. Now the question is, why there is no astronomy faculty in higher education institutions? Is this state really tragic and a sign of the downfall of the education system?

Why most universities don’t have astronomy faculty?

In fact, it is as if you go to a modern super shop to buy a clay pitcher, but regret not getting it and condemn the shop. This is the result of someone coming out all at once of the cave of Ashab-e Kahf after ages.

Everything in the world changes. They change because they should change. We don’t eat exactly what our ancestors did, we don’t live the way they lived. In the same way, what was taught in schools in the lost days is not taught exactly now. Like everything else around, the school curriculum is undergoing a process of change and renewal. This change is called modernity. It is the demand of the time and the character of civilization.

In the old days, astronomy was the only science. What is astronomy? The Greek word literally means the science that studies the laws of the stars. But there are many things in the sky besides stars that do not emit light, such as planets, satellites, asteroids, black holes, etc. There are also various powers in the space that people want to know about. How can those things be part of astronomy who are not stars? That is why astrophysics and cosmology arrived after astronomy, and many more branches have sprung up.

Just as astronomy is the pioneer of modern science, it is also the originator of the greatest superstition in history. That superstition is astrology. Ancient astronomers began to believe and propagate that the fate of man relates to the movement of the stars in the sky.

Yet astronomy has not been completely set aside. To date, there are opportunities to study and research astronomy in the world’s major universities. I don’t know how it is going on. Maybe waiting to go out. If so, good to go. Let the past go, let the future come.

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