Village Doctor Paragraph & Composition for Students

This is a bunch of paragraphs and compositions about a village doctor, for students and examinees. How a village doctor lives his life, how he serves the sick people of the village at low cost, why the role of a village doctor in a village is important, all are explained in simple words in the following essays and paragraphs.

Village Doctor Paragraph & Composition for class-10 Students
A village doctor may be less qualified, but his role in the village is important.

A Village Doctor Composition for Class-10

By: Haque; Words: 450; 15-12-’21

A village doctor is a simple physician. In underdeveloped and densely populated countries of the world, the number of doctors is small in proportion to the population, and rural doctors fill this gap. So, it goes without saying that a village doctor is a person of great importance. He is quite familiar with the villagers.

The village doctor just picks up a few things from a few handbooks in Bangla. He is not qualified. He does not have good schooling. He takes the job of a salesman in a medicine shop or he works as a compounder under a qualified physician. He also reads some medical books at home. Thus he gathers experience. He somehow learns pushing injection, stitching, and bandaging. He then sets up a dispensary in the village market, at the corner of the road, or in another convenient place. His pharmacy has very little stock of medicines. He kept his medicine in two or three old cupboards or wooden planks. Her drugstore has a simple wooden chair for him to sit on and a broken wooden table for arranging over-the-counter medicines. There are also one or two small benches for seating visitors and patients.

His dispensary consists of an almirah containing a few bottles of patent medicines and a table with a few bottles of drugs on it. There are also a large number of empty bottles.

His dealings with his poor patients are interesting. To win their confidence he speaks in a falsely learned way. He seeks also to strike terror in them the impression that since they have sought his help, they need not be fair. Usually, he starts his treatment with a few doses of an alkaline mixture of blood alkalizer. Sometimes he gives a few doses of powder. He gets the powder by crushing a few tablets. Nowadays antibiotics have become a cure for nearly all diseases.

A village doctor has his own way of earning money. Though he demands a small amount of money as his fee, he charges high prices for the mixtures and medicines he supplies. Sometimes he allows the disease to take a serious turn and demands very high prices for medicines he gives. He has other ways of extorting money from his patients.

Despite these weaknesses and limitations, a village doctor is an important person in society. This is because they cater to a wide range of medical needs in backward and densely populated countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Ghana, Haiti, Nigeria, Uganda, etc. That is why there is a need to have village doctors in those countries. However, recently the governments of those countries are providing training to rural doctors so that they can provide healthcare to the people more accurately.

A Village Doctor Paragraph for Class-10

By: Haque; Words: 170; 15-12-’21

Write a paragraph about a village doctor. your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions:

  1. Who is a village doctor?
  2. Where does he receive his experience?
  3. What does he usually do?
  4. What kind of man is he?
  5. What is your idea about his usefulness?

A village doctor is a person who serves the ailing village people at a low cost. The quake in a village is called the village doctor. He is an important and familiar figure in the village. He is not duly qualified. He has no minimum medical education. Sometimes a village doctor gains experience serving under a qualified doctor. A village doctor serves all classes of patients. He prescribed medicine for the patients. He visits the houses where he is called in. The villagers suffer less for his services. They can easily buy medicine from his dispensary. He is a friend to all. A village doctor is a shelter for the villagers during their illness. The village doctor is not a less important figure. He serves the villagers sincerely. He is the backbone of the village’s health. If proper training is provided to them with the help of the government, they can play a vital role in improving public health. So, the ignored village doctors should be provided with proper training and facilities.

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