Village Market Essay & Paragraph

A Village Market is not merely a shopping place, it is a part of the ever-continuing rural tradition, culture, and way of life. Here is a bunch of short and long essays, compositions, and paragraphs ranging from 100-400 words, depict the features and characteristics of the Village Market. We have composed these essays and paragraphs in simple words so that they can be useful for secondary and higher secondary school students.

A Village Market Paragraph
A view of a village market in Bangladesh. Image: wikimedia

Sentences: 31, Words: 309, Characters: 1777.

Introduction: A village market is an important place for the villagers. It is buying and selling center for the village people.

Kinds: Village markets are of two kinds. One sits every morning and the other once or twice a week. The market which sits every morning is called Bazar and which sits once or twice a week is called a Haat.

Where Sits: A village market generally sits under a tree or a river flows by it.

Villagers in Market Days: After midday rest, villagers make for the marketplace. Some come here to buy, some to sell, and some come here to do both. Some come here neither to sell nor to buy.

Arrangement of Shops: There are three types of shops. Some are permanent, some are temporary, and some are open spaces. Different things are set up at different places. There are fish corner, vegetable corner, rice corner, fruit corner, and so on. The sellers sit in lines. They set up their articles in front of them. There is a fairly large space between the line for the buyers to move and buy.

Meeting Place: A village market is a meeting place for the villagers. The Postman finds it easy to deliver letters and removabilities.

Conclusion: A village market is of great use to the villagers. It should be properly guided and looked after by a committee.


A Village Market Essay, 300 Words

Sentences: 31, Words: 309, Characters: 1777.

Hints: (i) Introduction, (ii) Location, (iii) Kinds of village market, (iv) Description, (v) Importance or Usefulness, (vi) Conclusion.

Introduction: A village market is a place where daily necessary things are bought and sold. It is known as Haat. It is an essential buying and selling center in rural areas.

Location: It usually sits by the side of a river, a canal, a bus stand, or under a banyan tree. Roads and pathways from all sides meet here.

Types of Village Markets: There are two types of village markets—daily market and weekly market. The daily market is called Bazar. It sits every morning. The weekly market is called Haat. It sits once or twice a week. It sits in the afternoon and lasts until night. People from distant places come to the market to sell or buy goods. Many children come just to enjoy the day.

Description: A village market usually consists of three parts—an open space, a temporary shed, and a permanent shed. Vendors line up in the open space. Here milk, fruit, betels, vegetables, fish, etc. are sold. Grocers, cloth dealers, tailors, potters have permanent shops. There are fish-corner, vegetable-corner, and rice-corner. The sellers in each corner sit in lines. The fish market is the noisiest place. The big village markets have a marginal place where cows and goats are sold. Nowadays tea stalls are seen in the village market. The villagers sit there, have a cup of tea, and discuss matters of common interest.

Importance or Usefulness: A village market is useful to the villagers. Here they get all things of their daily need. They sell their crops and other products here. They also get news from here. The postman delivers letters here. Village markets are the main centers of commercial activities and interaction of the rural people.

Conclusion: A village market is an integral part of rural life and a center of the rural economy. It serves as a recreational center also.

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A Village Market Essay, 400 Words

Sentences: 11, Words: 100, Characters: 542.

A village market is generally located at such a pace where people from different places can easily come for buying and selling their commodities. People from nearby villages gather here to buy and sell goods. It is the backbone of the rural economy. A village market usually stands at the center of the village.

At one time there were two types of village market: daily market, and weekly market. But now as a result of the influence of the city, all these markets have become daily markets. The daily market is called Bazar. It sits daily in the morning. The weekly market is called Haat. It sits once or twice a week in the afternoon and continuous till late in the evening.

A discipline can be noted in the shops of the village market. There are several types of shops in the village market. Some shops are permanent, some are temporary and some sit under the open sky. The open space shops of the same kind of things are clustered together and are arranged in rows. Fish, fruits, poultry, betel nuts and leaves, vegetables, etc. are usually bought and sold in the shops which are located under the open sky. And the temporary shops have only roofs over them, all sides of them are open. In these shops, oil, rice, salt, pepper, spices, etc. Are found. Usually, the grocers, tailors, cloth dealers, stationers, and tea sellers have their permanent shops. There are different sections of the village market. They are the fish market, the vegetable market, the rice market, the fruits market, and so on. The fish and vegetables markets are the noisiest and crowded places in the market. One of the features of the village market is that everyone here bargains. Nothing is sold without haggling.

The village market is a very important place for the villagers. From here they buy almost everything they need for their daily use. However, in addition to its practical utility, it also has a social value. It brings the people of different villages closer and thus strengthens their bond of unity. The villagers like to have political talks in the village market and also enjoy various entertainment facilities there. There are some people who come here only to pass a pleasant time roaming about.

A village market is an integral part of village life. It is a place of gathering of a large number of people providing opportunities for exchanging views and news let alone for buying and selling daily necessaries. This saves the villagers from the hassle of going to distant places to buy daily necessities.

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A Village Market Paragraph, 100 Words

Sentences: 11, Words: 100, Characters: 542.

Write a paragraph on ‘A Village Market. In your paragraph, answer the following questions:

  • Where the village market is located?
  • What kind of market is it?
  • When does it sit?
  • What kind of shops are there?
  • What are sold there?
  • What is its importance?

 A village market is a common figure in our villages. It sits by the side of a river or a bus stand. There are two kinds of village markets—daily and weekly. The daily market sits every morning. The weekly market sits once or twice a week. It sits in the afternoon and breaks by the evening. The daily necessary things are bought and sold here. They are rice, fish, cloth, and vegetables. There are some permanent shops in a village market. A village market is a noisy place. Indeed, a village market is essential and useful to the villagers.

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A Village Market Paragraph, 150 Words

Sentences: 10, Words: 150, Characters: 846.

Write a paragraph on ‘A Village Market. In your paragraph, answer the following questions:

  • Where does a village market usually develop?
  • What products are traded daily and weekly in a village market?
  • Which one plays the vital role in rural economy?

A village market is a very useful place for buying and selling goods. villagers go to the village market to have their necessary things of life. It sits on the junction of roads or a bank of a river for easy communication. There are trees with spreading branches that provide shade to the market. The daily Bazar sits every day where commodities like vegetables, fish, meat, and other daily necessities are sold. The weekly Haat sits once a week where rice, cattle, clothes, and many such items are sold. There are a few permanent shops and tea stalls which are the meeting places of the villagers. The village postman also finds it easy to deliver letters here. Various handicrafts and earthenwares are sold in the market. It plays a vital role to build up the rural economy. It should be kept neat and clean for healthier and happier rural life.

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