The Water Nymph & the Woodcutter's Story

Aesop’s Fable

A woodcutter used to go to cut wood every day in a forest. He was very poor. He earned a little by selling wood and made his living. One day he went to a riverside to cut wood. As soon as he hit a tree with his ax, the ax slipped from his hand and fell into deep water. It was a fast-flowing river and there was a fear of crocodiles. So, the helpless woodcutter sat down at the base of the tree and began to cry.

He was so poor that he could not afford to buy an ax again. So, he was wondering what to do. His eyes get wet with grief and anxiety.

Story of a Water Nymph / Mermaid and the Woodcutter, Aesop's Fable

After a while, a water nymph suddenly float up from the river and asked him, why are you crying?

The woodcutter said, I am very poor, my ax is lost in the water.

The water nymph said, “Don’t cry, I am bringing your ax.” Then she dived into the water and picked up a gold ax and asked, is it yours?
The woodcutter said, no.

Immediately the water nymph dived again and brought a silver ax and asked, is this your ax, then?

The woodcutter again checked the ax and said, “No, it’s also not mine.”

Then the fairy dived into the water again and brought an iron ax and showed it to him. This time the woodcutter identified his ax and said happily, “Yes, this is mine.”

The water nymph was impressed by his honesty. She gave him her own ax. Then he gifted both the gold and the silver ax to the woodcutter and disappeared under the water.

Having gained so much gold and silver, the woodcutter became rich. He got a lot of money by selling the two axes in the market. Therefore, he began to spend his days happily.

Meanwhile, another woodcutter became greedy hearing the story. One day he went to cut down trees along the river and deliberately threw his ax into the water. Then he sat there and pretended to cry. Hearing his cry, the water nymph appeared. As before, she picked up a gold ax and asked him, “Is it yours?”

The gold ax was glittering in the sun. Seeing this, the woodcutter felt excited. He replied quickly, “Yes, this is mine.”

Hearing the lie, the water fairy dived again and never floated up back.

The greedy woodcutter realized his mistake and regretted telling the lie. As a punishment for lying, he not only missed the gold and silver axes but also lost his own iron ax.

Moral: Honesty is the way to success, lies and greed harm.

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