Water Pollution Short Essay & Paragraph

Here are 3 essays and paragraphs about water pollution. Fertilizers and pesticides applied in fields and crops are washed away by rainwater and mixed with river, canal, and pond water, causing water pollution. Water pollution is also caused by the construction of unhealthy open latrines on the banks of water bodies, and the dumping of industrial wastes into rivers and canals. Water pollution poses a risk to human health and destroys the environment. Many of the causes of water pollution are responsible for air pollution too. In order to keep the earth habitable, we must stop all pollution that destroys the features of nature.

Water Pollution Paragraph
Water pollution poses a serious risk to human health.

A Paragraph about Water Pollution

In 120 words, for class 5 to 8

Write a paragraph about ‘Water Pollution’. Mention specially its causes and the effects of drinking polluted water and the measures to control it.

Water pollution is a great health hazard now-a-day. Water is polluted in many ways. Farmers use chemical fertilizers in their fields. They also use other chemicals to kill insects. Then rain and floods wash away some of the chemicals. They become mixed with river water, canal water, and pond water. The water is polluted in this way. Man pollutes water by throwing waste into rivers and canals. Mills and factories throw their waste products into rivers and canals. Launch and steamers throw oil and food into rivers. Most of the latrines and drains are on the banks of rivers and canals. All these cause water pollutions. Polluted water is harmful to us. People suffer from diarrhea and skin diseases by drinking polluted water.

short paragraph on water pollution
The discharge of oil from ships causes water pollution in rivers and seas.

A Short Essay on Water Pollution

In 200 words, for class 9 to 12

Water pollution occurs when harmful substances mix with water. Water is one of the main components of the environment. Water is called life because no animal can survive without water. This precious water is being polluted day by day for many reasons. The main cause of water pollution is the irresponsibility of the people. People throw waste in the water. Ships dump oil, human waste, and other wastes into rivers and seawater. Farmers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides on their land, which mix with rainwater and flow into rivers and canals. Some people also build open latrines along rivers, canals, or ditches, which greatly pollute the water. People get sick by drinking contaminated water. Fish in polluted water kill other aquatic animals. Even severely polluted water is not suitable for land cultivation. So, water pollution is a threat to our natural environment. People can be aware and stop water pollution. For example, farmers should use natural or green manure on their land. Everyone should use sanitary latrines. Owners of ships plying large rivers and seas should take steps to prevent oil spills from seeping into seawater. In this way, we can save water from pollution.

causes of water pollution short essay
When factory waste is dumped in the river, it causes serious water pollution.

A Short Paragraph on Water Pollution

In 135 words, for class 4 to 8

Write a paragraph on the badness of water pollution. State how water is polluted. Mention the process that can help us to make water free from pollution.

Water is called the life of all things and beings on earth, but the balance of Nature is disturbed if water is polluted. The chemical fertilizer and insecticides used in the fields pollute water when they are washed by rains into the ponds or rivers. The dumping of factory waste containing poisonous chemicals, and throwing of oil and human waste in the river by launches and steamers and also the drains carrying filth cause pollution. As a result, polluted water not only causes health hazards but also kills the fish which is our chief protein source. Water pollution needs to be prevented in the interest of protecting life and nature on earth. Therefore, there is no alternative to taking long-term scientific steps as well as raising awareness at all levels of society. We should all be careful of it.

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