Winter Morning Paragraph

‘A Winter Morning’ is an excellent topic for paragraph writing. Because there is a lot to say about this. Especially in a country like Bangladesh, where six seasons come and go, the change of seasons is a remarkable natural phenomenon. Even a child can talk in detail about the changes that take place in nature with the arrival of winter. Thus describing a winter morning is a simple matter.

Here we have written two paragraphs as a sample. Students will feel comfortable writing a neat paragraph of their own by following them.

A Winter Morning Paragraph
Writing a paragraph about a winter morning is an easy task.

A Paragraph on A Winter Morning

In 160 words, for class 5 to 10

Write a paragraph on ‘A Winter Morning’ on the basis of the questions given below:

  • Is a winter morning foggy or sunny?
  • Do poor village children like it? If not, why?
  • When does the sun usually peep in a winter morning?
  • How does nature look on a winter morning?
  • How is it to the morning school students?
  • Do you like it? Why or why not?

A winter morning in our country is foggy. It is cold outside. There is dense fog everywhere. Nature looks dull on a winter morning. Everything looks hazy. Things at distance can hardly be seen. The trees are covered with fog and they can not be made out. The sun usually rises late in a winter morning. People get up from bed late. The poor village children and the old men are afraid of the biting cold on a winter morning. They don’t like it. Sometimes they gather straws and make a fire to warm themselves. When the sun rises, they bask in the sun. The students who have to go to school do not like a winter morning. They put on warm clothes. Sometimes they do not want to go to school. But for rich families, winter mornings are an enjoyable time. In the morning, Payesh is prepared with date Juice. Indeed, nature looks lifeless on a winter morning.

A Foggy Winter Morning Paragraph
A winter morning is shrouded in fog.

A Foggy Winter Morning Paragraph

In 170 words, for class 7 to 12

Write a paragraph on a winter morning giving a short description to the foggy modes of its own. You are required to give a short note to the charms of the winter morning.

A winter morning is cool, calm, and bright in our country. The early hours are foggy and the sun rises unveiling the mist. The dews on grass, leaves, and petals sparkle like pearls in the sunbeams and disappear after a while. It is pleasant to take a morning walk breathing the cool air, smelling the sweet scent of flowers, hearing the chirping of birds, and feeling cool dew-drops under the feet. It is an ideal time for a sportsman to practice his events, for the young to jog and for the old to walk. Many bask in the morning sun. The cool date juice is a refreshing drink and the rich enjoy rice cakes with molasses. In the northern region, the poor who have no quilt or warm clothes shiver in the biting cold. A winter morning brings a basket of sufferings to those who have nothing to fight in the biting cold, but the basket of happiness and pleasure to those who have many things to fighting the foggy winter morning.

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