Wonder of Science Essay & Paragraph

This is the age of science. We face the discoveries and wonders of science every day. That is why everyone needs basic knowledge about science. As part of this, a common question in school exams is to write an essay or paragraph on science. The titles may vary, such as: ‘The Wonders of Science’, ‘The Importance or Contribution of Science’, ‘Marvel of Science’ or ‘Science in Everyday Life’, ‘Blessings of Science’ or ‘The Triumph of Science’. The importance and contribution of science in human life are beautifully highlighted in the following essays and paragraphs.

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Wonders of science of the earth are now rushing towards infinite space.

By: Haque, For class 3-4

Science helps us in many ways in our daily life. We use the wonderful inventions of science in farming, food making, traveling, education, research, communication, and treatment. Today our life can’t be imagined without science. This is the wonder of science.

Science not only helps us meet our needs, but it is also our means of entertainment. Thus, science surrounds our lives and thinking. It has changed the world. There is no end to the wonders of science, no end to its possibilities. Thanks to science, in the near future, people on Earth may start settling on other planets in space.

Wonder of Science Essay 150 Words

By: Haque, For class 5-6

Science is the greatest blessing for nature and life on earth, which has made our lives easier and comfortable. The term ‘wonder of science’ refers to the continuous discoveries and inventions of science. People have a curiosity for knowledge. Through practice and experimentation, curiosity finds out new ways. This is science. The driving force behind all the inventions and discoveries of science is the attempt to solve problems and the desire to know the unknown.

The continued practice of scientists has enabled science to make human life enjoyable. Science has brought all human beings closer to each other. We can communicate with any remote place on earth in seconds. Science has caused an unimaginable revolution in the medical system. It has opened up many new doors of entertainment for us. Today, each of us has a device connected to the Internet. These are all wonders of science.

Wonder of Science Essay 200 Words

By: Haque, For class 7-8

Modern civilization is the gift of modern science. We are living in an advanced age of science and technology. Thanks to modern science, our life has become easier, more convenient, and more comfortable than our forefathers. Science has given us various tools or techniques to meet our every need. All this is a wonder of science.

Electricity has a role to play in all the wonderful discoveries of modern science and their operation, though electricity itself is a discovery of science. So, it may be considered the greatest wonder of science. Radios, televisions, cinemas, mobile phones, photocopiers, computers, most mills, printing presses, sewing machines, cookers, irons, etc. are powered by electricity.

Modern science has offered us a variety of vehicles for travel and communication. So distance is no longer a problem for us today. We can get from one place to another in a short time by train, plane, and car. We can send messages, pictures, videos, and documents to any part of the world in seconds. This is also the wonder of science.

Using scientific methods and materials, we are building roads and bridges, producing and processing food, and building high-rise buildings. Science has added to our agriculture hybrid grain species and various types of equipment. It has brought about an unimaginable revolution in the field of health and medicine. All this is a wonder of science.

Wonder of Science Essay 250 Words
The Blessing of Science

By: Haque, For class 9-10/SSC

Introduction: This age is the age of science. It has a huge contribution to human welfare. Science continues to benefit and amaze people with new inventions. Science is our constant companion. The wonder of science is changing the world.

Science in Everyday Life: The wonderful devices of science have given comfort to people in daily life. The invention of mobile phones, radios, televisions, newspapers, electric lights, fans, telephones, telegrams, electric irons, electric cookers, heaters, etc. has made our lives much easier. Computers and the Internet, the two great wonders of science, are being used all the time in offices and schools.

Science in Medicine: With the help of medical science, people today have been saved from premature death. They no longer have to die untimely due to diseases like cholera, malaria, smallpox, tuberculosis, dengue & chikungunya, etc. Scientists are inventing new drugs almost every day. Success in treatment is really a wonder of science.

Science in Agriculture: Modern science has been doing good in agriculture as well. Today tractors are being used instead of wooden plows and chemical fertilizers are being used instead of dung. Crop production is several times higher due to the invention of seeds of high-yielding varieties.

Science in Entertainment: Radio-Television, VCD, VCR, Computer, Internet and Satellite provide many means of entertainment. Computers, the great wonder of science, children are also learning to use nowadays. The Internet has connected all the people of the world together.

Conclusion: Science has made people stronger and faster. We all have a responsibility to use science for human welfare.

Wonders of Science Essay & Paragraph
Mobile networks, one of the wonders of modern science, have connected all the people of the world to each other. Image: freepik.com

Wonder of Science Essay 300 Words
Science in Everyday Life

By: Haque, For class 9-10/SSC

Introduction: This is the age of science and technology. Every day we have to face new wonders of science. Modern civilization itself is a gift of science. Modern science is a blessing for mankind.

The impact of science on Daily Life: Modern science has changed our way of life and our outlook. We accept the contribution of science in every step and realize its impact. Thus, science with its wonderful abilities and innovations has made our daily life easier and more comfortable. It helps us in all our activities like traveling, cooking, sleeping, eating, dressing, etc. We have electric fans to make the hottest day cool, electric lights made the darkest night bright. We enjoy music on radio and television. The cinema refreshes our minds.

Smartphones have brought the world into our hands. We can travel thousands of miles a day by modern express vehicles.

Uses in the Medical Field: Science has done miracles in the field of Medical Science. The wonders of science in medicine have enabled us to fight disease more effectively. It has saved human life by inventing medicines. Penicillin and X-rays are the wonders of modern science in the field of medicine.

Uses in the Other Field: Science has developed our agriculture. It has turned a desert into fertile land. Tractors, power pumps, and fertilizers increase the production of crops.

Electricity: Electricity is an important source of power and energy. it has brought a change in the industrial field. we can grow more things in a short time.

Its Evil Effects: But science brings sorrows and sufferings, too. It becomes dangerous during the war. It has invented destructive weapons like atom bombs. Wars destroyed cities and killed millions of people.

Conclusion: The blessings of science should be utilized for the welfare of mankind.

Wonder of Science Essay 350 Words
Science in Everyday Life | Blessings of Science

By: Haque, Words: 350; For Class: 9-10/SSC

Introduction: Science means knowledge. Science can do anything for the development of human civilization. The modern age is a gift of science and technology. Science has really a kind of magic in it. It can do anything and everything.

Impact of Science on Everyday Life: We see the influence of science in every step of our everyday life. It has changed the mode of life. It has created many things to increase our comforts. Science today has taken possession of the world. The pens we write with, the shirts we wear, the bikes we ride, the mobile phones we use to communicate with each other are all products of science. Electricity is a great wonder of science. Without it, modern life cannot be imagined. At the touch of a small switch, we light our house, operate the factory machines, and let the radios and televisions sing and talk. Gifts of science are always seen in our homes and in our daily life.

Use of Science in Agriculture and Industry: Our agricultural and industrial development is fully dependent on modern science. We now cultivate our land with the power tiller. The production of crops is increasing day by day with the help of chemical fertilizer and insecticides by killing insects. Scientists have revolutionized agriculture by inventing hybrid seeds. In the industrial area, science is the only contributor. All the industries run with knowledge of science. From the needle to rockets, everything produced in the industry is the sole contribution of science.

Its Evil Effects: Sometimes science is a curse. Science is meant for the benefit of mankind. But out of selfish motive man misuses science and brings untold sufferings even death to lives. Scientists invented some dreadful weapons. Tanks, missiles, torpedoes, atoms, and hydrogen bombs can easily destroy the peaceful world in a moment.

Conclusion: The invention of science was to do good to human beings. Science brings happiness and prosperity. But if we misuse the wonderful power and potential of science instead of using it for human welfare, it can lead to the destruction of the whole human civilization.

Wonder of Science Essay 400 Words

By: Haque, For class 11-12/HSC

This is the age of science and technology. Wherever we look today, the wonders of science overwhelm us. We are adopting various instruments and methods of science step by step in our daily life. It has revolutionized world civilization.

Among the blessings and wonders of science, perhaps, electricity is the first and foremost. It is the largest source of power and energy. Electricity has improved our standard of living. It can be said that modern civilization itself is the creation of electricity. Without electricity, modern civilization would be paralyzed. It has made our lives easier and more enjoyable. Without electricity, all other scientific discoveries would be useless.

Mobile phones are another wonder of science. It allows a person to talk and share information with anyone in any part of the world. Now, most of the mobile phones in the world are smartphones with internet connections. It has given us the opportunity to make money transactions from our own homes and buy products from any remote city. Significant wonders of science include radio and television, which enable us to watch, listen and enjoy news, sports, dramas, cinema, etc. at home.

The inventions of railways, airplanes, steamers, motor cars, etc. have enabled us to travel to the farthest end of the world. These transports have made our lives dynamic and brought the world closer to us. By airplane, we can fly faster than birds. The inventions of penicillin, X-rays, ECG, radiotherapy, etc. are some other blessings and wonders of modern science in the field of medicine. They have enabled us to fight against diseases effectively.

The latest miracle of science is the computer. It has enabled us to perform any difficult work and calculations most accurately and perfectly in a few seconds. Again, the invention of radar enables us to know weather information in advance. The invention of the rocket is also a wonder of science. It has made space travel easy. With its help, today man can fly even to the moon. In addition to these, science has brought about a miracle in the field of agriculture and industry. In fact, we cannot live or go without the blessings of science.

Modern science is really like Aladdin’s lamp. What it does today was supposed to be impossible yesterday. Where it will end, nobody can say. But this much can be said that it will go on working and creating much more wonders in the days to come.

Wonder of Science Essay | An Essay on the Wonders of Science

By: Haque, Words: 1450, 19-12-’21

Introduction: A quote from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru captures the wonders of science wonderfully. “Life today”, he says, “is governed and conditioned by the offshoots of science and it is very difficult to imagine existence without them.” Agriculture, medicine, business, communications, transport, industry, press, and various other departments of life are highly indebted to science which now performs greater wonders than the ‘flying carpet’ and ‘Alladin’s lamp’. Wonders of science have so reduced the margin of impossibility that we are now apt to believe anything and everything to be possible.

Quick Communication & Transportation, The Ultimate Wonder of Science: The primary field of the wonders of science was our means of transportation. Science gave it an unimaginable speed. It invented railway trains, motor cars, cycles, airplanes, and many other means of transport, which undoubtedly add to human happiness. We can now go to distant places and countries in no time. All the different parts of the world have been brought closer to one another by these quick means of transport. Besides, means of communication like the telegraph, wireless, and telephone have equally added to the comfort and happiness of our lives.

The newly developed facility of satellite communication and the resulting communication explosion has contributed to the further shrinking of time and space, joining people of one part of the globe to the people in other and distant parts of the world. The computer and the internet, considered the greatest wonders of science ever invented, have brought the world into the hands of humans. These have led to the internationalizing of the outlook of people all the world over. They have imparted to us a new type of pleasure which we had experienced never before.

The invention of the cellular cordless phone has added new dimensions to wireless communication. With the cordless phone instrument in the pocket, one can go anywhere and transmit and receive messages to and from long distances. One can now ring up even from the running car and the moving train. It is a revolutionary addition to our system of communication.

The invention of Electricity and Steam Power: Another wonder of modern science is the invention of electricity. It has revolutionized our lives. Electricity is used in lighting our homes at night. It is through electricity that we enjoy the breeze of the fan in the summer season and the warmth of the heater on winter days. In addition to this, electricity helps us in cooking, heating, cooling, ironing, cleaning, and performing numerous other domestic jobs. The job of the housewife has very much been facilitated.

Triumphs in Medicine & Surgery, A Wonderful Gift of Science: In the departments of both medicine and surgery, science has added to the happiness of human beings. The discoveries of science have considerably helped humanity in fighting against fatal diseases like smallpox, cholera, plague, tuberculosis, rabies, polio, and even cancer. Medical science has opened the door for vast researches into the mysteries of drugs, and new medicines are being discovered almost every day to cure human suffering. The latest technology of transplanting limbs from one body to another, safer and quicker surgery using laser, internal photography of the human organism, and the resulting correctness of diagnosis of the disease has opened new vistas for longer periods of survival of human beings. Possibilities are also opening up for the cure of such incurable diseases as cancer and AIDS. Though death has not been conquered yet it is possible to guard against premature death. All of this is a superb contribution and a great wonder of science for human happiness.

Agricultural Field: Scientific discoveries and inventions have brought about a great improvement in agriculture and have increased the production of the land. The invention of the tractor is a recent affair, and this instrument of science has considerably solved the problem of underproduction. Scientific researches in agriculture have greatly improved seeds, cattle manure, and plants. The use of nuclear energy, one of the wonders of science, has brought new hope for plants to grow faster and produce more crops.

Means of Recreation: Cinema, gramophone, radio, television, and video are some of the most popular means of recreation, which science has placed in the hands of man. The songs, the fine dances, the graceful acting in the cinema films contribute to the joy and delight of the cinema-goers. Radio and wireless provide the greatest source of happiness to civilized people.

When television was invented, people were very surprised to see it. But the advancement of wonderful science is so rapid that the means of entertainment such as gramophones, radios, tape recorders, televisions, etc., did not take long to become obsolete. For entertainment, people no longer need to appear in theaters or cinema halls – the Internet, a state-of-the-art wonder of science, has brought all the world’s entertainment to people’s homes through Youtube.

The computer is another marvel of science. Its ubiquitous use in every department of life has given new dimensions to human convenience and comfort. Computer games provide a happy diversion to people from routine drudgery at a very small cost.

Space Research & Electronics, a wonderful extent of science: Man of today has made a considerable dent in space. Man’s spirit of enterprise and adventure has found new areas for its fullest fruition. It has helped in correct weather forecasting, giving advance warning to people engaged in works connected with the weather, and thereby saving thousands of lives which could have perished or suffered greatly for want of this knowledge. All this certainly adds to human happiness.

With the invention of highly sophisticated and complex satellites and spacecraft, man has been able to solve the mysteries of deep space. Man has already landed on the moon and has sent spacecraft to Venus and Mars. The journey into space is undoubtedly a wonder of science and the ultimate achievement of mankind. In this way, modern science will continue to expand the reach of man and make him successful, thrilled, and happy.

The developments in the field of electronics embracing every department of our lives constitute a new phenomenon of unspeakable possibilities. This has certainly added to our total fund of pleasure.

Science and Human Misery: So far we have seen the amazing discoveries of science, its contributions to human life, and wonderful achievements. But we should also notice the other side of the picture. That is, not all of the wonders of science are positive or beneficial. The power of science has also been using for human misery and suffering.

Science is responsible for modern wars. Deadly weapons, such as machine guns, explosives, poisonous gases, atom, hydrogen, and neutron bombs, are invented by science with a view to destroying mankind. The invention of laser rays for merciless killing sends shudders down our spine. Too much industrialization, which is the outcome of science, has given birth to the problem of environmental degradation. Pollution of air and water and food poses a constant threat to our lives. The problem of slums is the by-product of industrialization. A good chunk of the urban population is forced to lead a sub-human life because of congested habitations industrialization has given birth to.

Feelings of spirituality have gone out of human beings and stark materialism is holding us in its grip. Besides, science has made man selfish, greedy, and jealous. The greatest harm that science has done is the elimination of peace from our lives. All this certainly forces us to think and believe that science has come to us not as a boon but as a curse.

Conclusion: But is it really science that is really responsible for our misery? The fact is that it is not science but we who are responsible for both happiness and misery. Atomic energy, for example, has infinite potential both for destructive and constructive purposes. It is thus the use of scientific power by human beings that leads to human misery or happiness. If science is harnessed for constructive purposes, it is the greatest and noblest gift of God to man, a celestial boon to mankind. There are unlimited possibilities of research in Science.

Man is still striving hard to find cures for incurable diseases. Researches in cloning technology, a great wonder of science, have reached a very advanced stage. It has opened the door to the dark world inside the organism before us. It is not easy to imagine how many more wonders await us in the possibility of interplanetary travel in space science. The day is not far-off when we shall be able to undertake travel to other planets and establish contacts with people living there. Certainly, it will be a very exciting experience.

Satellite technology a wonder of science
Satellite technology, a wonder of science, provides us with the Global Positioning System (GPS), which lets us know our location & destination.

Wonders of Science Paragraph | Science in Daily Life Paragraph

Sentences: 9; Words: 100; For Class: 4-5.

Science is the result of the development of knowledge. Its goal is to meet needs, provide welfare and make life easier. Science is successful and advanced. The wonder of science has given the world a new look. Its contribution to our daily life is huge. Science is constantly discovering new technologies and devices for communication, transportation, medicine, education, entertainment, and space travel. Thanks to science, our life today has become more easy, comfortable, and joyful. However, science is also used for bad purposes like making weapons. We should use the amazing power and innovation of science only for human welfare.

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